Concrete mixer: how to choose the right model for your needs?

June 24, 2022

If you work on a construction site, you know that the concrete mixer is an indispensable piece of machinery because it allows you to mix and knead concrete. More and more companies are opting for a concrete mixer dumper because of the versatility that these machines provide: they not only do the job of producing concrete, but, equipped with various accessories, can be used for many different operations.

Not all concrete mixer are the same: although the operation is always the same, they vary greatly in capacity and size. It is precisely these two characteristics that you should evaluate before purchasing a machine for your construction site.

In this article we recommend an innovative machine for every need!

Concrete mixer loader: the right model for every need

Cormidi has designed several models of dumper with concrete mixer, precisely because it knows the particular needs that people working in the building and construction industry may have.

Here are three models, each perfect to meet the needs of different situations.

Dumper for confined spaces

Having to work in particularly confined spaces is a much more common situation than one might think. This is why you need a machine that is compact and agile, small in size and manoeuvrable enough to be driven through narrow passages.

The Cormidi C85 is the best model for those with these needs because it is a super-compact 800 kg minidumper capable of moving over any terrain. The capacity of the concrete mixer is 240 litres (gross) and 130 litres (net) so it is not functional for large jobs, but more than sufficient for small or medium-sized jobs.

Large capacity concrete mixer

If, on the other hand, you need a concrete mixer with a much larger capacity because you work on construction sites where major building operations are carried out, then the C200 is what you need.

This machine boasts a truly amazing capacity: we are talking about a gross capacity of 1000 litres and a net capacity of 400 litres.

Choosing the C200 is also the best choice for construction sites where you work for many hours a day, every day of the week. In addition to its excellent performance and exceptional power, it is also an agile and manoeuvrable machine.

The most versatile dumper

There are many common situations in which the best solution is to have a dumper that is as versatile as possible. If you have no particular need for compactness or capacity, you can opt for one of the CMFs, which are the perfect middle ground.

The concrete mixer has a capacity of 450 litres (gross) and 265 litres (net), so it is sufficient for most construction work and can also be used on a daily basis. Agile and slender, it has a maximum capacity of 800 kg and can be equipped with many different accessories, so that it can be used for many other jobs in addition to concrete production.


Having a concrete mixer dumper on a construction site is indispensable but, as we have seen, each model has its own characteristics and peculiarities.

Cormidi has designed a wide collection of machines precisely to meet the needs of each builder: each machine is designed to be used at its best in a type of construction site. From the largest to the most compact, you will surely find the ideal concrete mixer to do your job in the best conditions.

If you would like advice from our team, contact us and we will get back to you with all the information you need.