Digging furrows in the soil: what is important to know

April 27, 2022

Digging furrows in the soil is a useful activity for many purposes, both in gardening and agriculture. It is an indispensable operation, for example, when preparing a vegetable garden but also for burying irrigation pipes or for other maintenance work.

Fortunately, it is no longer a job that has to be done manually: there are tools specially designed to make furrows more or less deep in the soil, at the distance you want from each other.

In this article we will find out which tools can be described as a good machine for making furrows in the ground.

One machine and many accessories for making furrows in the soil

The most efficient solution for making furrows in the soil is to have an efficient and versatile multifunctional machine, to which you can attach different accessories as required. There are in fact many tools that can support you in this activity: it would be unthinkable to have a different furrowing machine for each type of work.

This is why Cormidi has set up its multifunctional machines so that they can be equipped each time with the most suitable tool for making furrows in the soil of gardens and vegetable gardens. Here are the most suitable accessories for carrying out this type of work.


The auger is a tool for drilling round holes in the ground. Thanks to an auger connected to a transversal handle, the auger rotates and in this way is able to drill holes and perforations in the ground that can be useful for planting trees or other plants, but also poles or posts.

Cormidi’s multi-purpose machines can be equipped with a bi-directional auger equipped with a high-end hydraulic motor and a planetary geared motor drive that allows for optimum performance and reliability over time. Made of high-strength steel, it will therefore have a long service life without the risk of wear and tear.

The auger can be used on any type of terrain, obviously adapting the bit to the soil conditions: the extension has a standard length of 1000 mm but it is also possible to request extensions of different sizes to meet more specific needs.


The catenary is another very useful tool for making furrows in all types of soil. As we discussed in detail in this article on the catenary for irrigation trenches, this is mainly used to make trenches for laying pipes, without damaging the soil.

The catenary supplied by Cormidi as equipment for multifunctional machines allows work to be carried out at the highest levels of efficiency and precision. It has an adjustable digging depth of up to 680 mm and a digging width of 110 mm. In addition, it has numerous tools that can facilitate digging work.


Finally, another tool suitable for making furrows in the soil is the ripper: this is a tool used mainly in agriculture because it allows vertical cutting of the soil at even very great depths. This is useful in the agricultural sector because it prevents soil layers from being mixed, while maintaining the soil profile.

The ripper proposed by Cormidi is a durable and highly effective tool thanks to its forged and hardened steel teeth, which are also easy to replace if necessary.


What to consider in a machine for making furrows in the soil? It all depends on the type of tillage you intend to do and the environment in which you operate. The three main tools for making furrows in the soil are auger, catenary and ripper, all of which can be perfectly integrated with Cormidi multi-purpose machines. The attachment mechanism is simple and fast to offer not only versatility but also efficiency and speed in carrying out the work.

Which Cormidi attachment for making furrows in the soil best suits your needs? Contact our team and we will provide you with all the information you need.