Regeneration of the historic centre: the best solutions to adopt

September 20, 2023

Italy is one of the richest territories in the world for the presence of historic centres: places with structures that show the authentic and vital culture of a previous urbanity, which should be preserved and enhanced.

However, there are many historic centres in Italy that are in a state of semi-abandonment, mainly due to the lack of resources for quality care of such delicate structures. Let us take a closer look at the value that these places bring to the Italian territory, and through which solutions it is possible to protect them for an optimal and safe regeneration of the historic centre.

Tha value of historic center

In Italy there are thousands of historic centres, of various shapes and sizes: they are the artistic and environmental testimony of the most ancient formations of the territory still existing; a precious place not only for tourists but above all for its inhabitants. Preserving historic centres means recognising the importance of passing on the meaning and value of our cultural heritage to future generations.

For this very reason, the State, the Regions, but also the municipalities themselves, are looking for a solution to recover, safeguard and protect the historical nuclei, which are considered fundamental elements not only for the conservation but also for the promotion of the entire cultural, social and economic heritage of our territory.

How to make their protection a reality

What actions and works are needed to protect this heritage? Firstly, renovation work is needed to make structures (such as buildings, palaces and premises) safe, functional and accessible.

Then we can think about implementing a process of urbanisation that will ensure that the historic centres can be experienced actively and collectively. There are many areas in which action can be taken: from improving the road network in the historic centres, to creating efficient waste collection systems and the pedestrian areas necessary to immerse oneself in the beauty of the historic centres.

Especially when it comes to renovation work, easy and versatile machines are needed allowing you to move around safely: Cormidi machines are perfect for this type of work.

Cormidi’s solutions for regeneration

One of the main requirements that can arise in the regeneration of historic centres is the passage through narrow, confined places that should in no way be affected by the passage of machinery.

Crossing alleys and narrow passages is possible thanks to one of the solutions designed by Cormidi: the C55 minidumper.  C55 is the smallest  minidumper of the professional series, with a transport capacity of 550 kg: its small size makes it extremely versatile for many work situations. In particular, it facilitates passage even in tight spaces and through limited house entrances to complete construction work.

On the other hand, there may be structures that are extremely high and therefore difficult to reach. When this type of problem arises, the ideal solution is only the aerial platforms: machines that allow the operator to climb up and reach buildings on the highest floors: with the KB Cormidi it is possible to reach 11, 20 and 23 metres.

In particular, the KB20 and KB23 platforms are unique in their kind, precisely because they are multifunctional machines. What does that mean? It means that the same machine can be used for different functions and situations thanks to the integration of different accessories: sub-bridge, basket, crane, people carrier and winch.

Cormidi produces the only three-in-one aerial platforms in the world. The KB series can reach a height of up to 23 metres and a reach of 12 metres, and can work flush with the wall vertically up to 18 metres, without having to move the machine. In crane mode they have a lifting capacity of up to 800 kg, in winch mode up to 450 kg and in underbridge mode up to 6 metres. Depending on the type of requirements, this machine lends itself perfectly to multiple uses to facilitate the work and carry it out in total safety for both the operator and the site being worked on.


The regeneration of the historic centre is a crucial step in giving value and relevance to all those urban places that encapsulate the history and culture of a city. In order to be able to continue to pass on this testimony, renovation work is needed to give new light to what is in danger of remaining in the shadows. To do this, Cormidi minidumpers and aerial platforms come to the rescue: innovative, functional and fast machines that allow you to work in total safety with excellent results.

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