Snow blower wheelbarrow: everything you need to know

September 20, 2023

Being ready in case of heavy snowfall is crucial: by acting quickly and with the right equipment, roadways, sidewalks and other areas can be cleared in a short time and the proper movement of cars, pedestrians and cyclists can be restored. All this is done to ensure maximum safety for people on the move at all times.

In the face of increasingly extreme weather events, equipping yourself with a snow blower wheelbarrow makes removing dense snowdrifts quick and easy. How? Which dumper to choose to increase productivity? Let’s find out together in this article.

Snow blower wheelbarrow: how does it work?

A snow blower is the perfect ally in cases where roads, driveways and entrances blocked by fresh snow need to be cleared. This machine operates mainly in heavy snow layers or on slopes and, for this reason, is widely used in mountains and ski resorts. However, it can also prove useful in lowland areas subject to winter snowfall.

The operation of the snow blower is not to be confused with that of the more common snow plow, which specializes in coping with lighter layers. Thanks to its powerful engine, the turbine collects significant amounts of snow; this is then conveyed into a “chimney” connected to the turbine, which will take care of throwing it several meters away, in an area that does not include the passage of cars and people.

Snow blower wheelbarrow: what are the main advantages?

Why choose a snow blower wheelbarrow? One of the main advantages concerns its versatility. Clearing snow in ski resorts, which are notoriously sloping, presupposes different needs from clearing in flat terrain. Thanks to the possibility of selecting different models based on engine displacement and power, you will have the perfect machine for the individual work context. By doing so, the work will be optimized both in terms of quality and productivity.

Compared to other machines used for the same function, the wheelbarrow is more maneuverable and compact, perfect for tackling rough terrain and particularly difficult corners. Thanks to its small size and excellent steering ability, the dumper will be able to ensure brilliant results in any situation.

Another advantage is the presence of a tracked structure, which allows for maximum safety for the operator and the ability to reach the most difficult places. Professional crawler loaders always ensure excellent stability and the ability to cope with even the steepest slopes, a result that is difficult to achieve with ordinary road tires.

Cormidi snow thrower wheelbarrow: pure versatility and efficiency

Which snow blower wheelbarrow model to choose? Cormidi, a Made in Italy company operating in the market for over fifty years, has combined versatility and efficiency in its Multifunction dumper model. It is a snow blower designed in detail to ensure optimal performance and, at the same time, to meet the needs of companies at any time of the year: the dumper, in fact, can be equipped with different accessories, depending on the period and the operations to be performed.

In winter, the snow blower wheelbarrow will allow for quick and effective snow clearing; in the other months of the year, a professional mulcher, digging bucket, hedge trimmer and much more can be integrated, accessories that are ideal for carrying out agricultural and/or construction activities.

The advantages of the Multifunction snow blower wheelbarrow are obvious: thanks to an innovative Quick Attach system, connection takes only minutes and can be done by a single operator. A single snow blower that can perform multiple functions takes up less space and requires lower maintenance expenses than an entire fleet of machines. The ability to choose from different versions, based on capacity and engine power, allows further customization of work.

Here are the main Cormidi models:

    • – CMF 1200. A 1,200-pound capacity is combined with smooth travel and an attractive design. This snow blower is ideal for those who want an efficient machine in the small to medium-sized routine tasks of snow removal and more.
    • CMF 1500. An increased load capacity of up to 1,500 kg ensures even higher productivity. The size of the dumper remains compact to move nimbly through the snow.
    • CMF 1600. Perfect for those who always want maximum capacity, this 1,600-pound wheelbarrow ensures brilliant performance and unprecedented efficiency.

In conclusion

For quick and safe snow clearing operations, opt for the snow blower wheelbarrow: it is the ideal support to always act promptly and immediately ensure a return to safe movement on roads, sidewalks and driveways. With Cormidi’s Multifunction snow blowers you also add the versatility of having a single, powerful tracked base on which to integrate various attachments, useful all year round.

If you’re looking for reliability and performance, contact the Cormidi team: our operators will be happy to show you how the most advanced Multifunction wheelbarrows on the market are conceived, designed and manufactured.