Spider crane for construction work: one platform for thousands of jobs

September 20, 2023

In the field of building and construction there are some machines that are indispensable due to their versatility and the possibility of using them for multiple purposes.

One of these machines is the so-called Spider, an aerial platform that is very useful for many construction jobs.

In this article we find out what kind of work a construction spider can be used for and how to choose the right one for your needs.

What is a construction spider?

In the construction industry, aerial platforms (also known as spiders) are large machines that are used to carry out all kinds of work at height and, when the model allows it, in the negative.

They consist of a main body which is positioned at the point where the work is to be carried out, a mobile telescopic or articulated boom and a basket with on-board controls.

The name is derived from the special appearance of the equipment, which has stabilisers that resemble spider legs.

These are light and slender machines that allow considerable heights to be reached even in narrow spaces.

What are the advantages of using a spider for construction work?

The spider is a type of aerial platform that is particularly useful in the building and construction industry.

They can be used to lift and move horizontally, as well as rotate a full 360 degrees. They can therefore be used not only for lifting but also for moving heavy materials.

Spiders are useful for carrying out construction, maintenance, demolition and for accessing great heights in a way that is always safe for operators. Operators can move easily and more flexibly than with scaffolding. Some examples of work that can be carried out with aerial platforms are pruning, such as pruning tall trees, and maintaining bridges.

Here are all the advantages of using spiders in construction work.


Aerial platforms known as spiders are extremely solid and stable machines. They can be easily positioned on any uneven, bumpy or uneven ground, while maintaining excellent stability.


Spiders are slim and compact machines that can reach narrow and tight spaces without difficulty, allowing the operator to access any working area.


These machines are incredibly light, which means they can help when working on surfaces with low load and weight resistance, such as in a loft or church floor.


Spider platforms ensure maximum safety and stability for workers who can move at height with greater autonomy than they could using a scaffold or truck.


Spiders are versatile machines that can be customised according to professional needs and equipped with different types of accessories. In addition, it is possible to choose the maximum height of the telescopic boom.

Cormidi spiders for construction work

Cormidi has designed a series of spiders specifically to meet the needs of those working in the building and construction industry.

Each model can reach a different maximum height: the KB11 reaches 11 metres, the KB20 reaches 20 metres and the KB23 23 metres. They can work at height and flush with the vertical wall without the need to move the machine and are equipped with innovative sensors that prevent the operator from making dangerous manoeuvres.

The KB20 and KB23 are multifunctional machines, which can perform under-bridge operations and also work as a crane or winch.


Spiders are extremely versatile machines that are useful for many different construction jobs. Cormidi aerial platforms are designed to ensure maximum versatility and can be equipped and set up according to different needs.

If you would like to receive more information on the spiders designed by Cormidi, do not hesitate to contact our team.