Stump trimmer: what it is used for, advantages and utility in loaders

May 7, 2022

The stump trimmer is a widely used tool in gardening, agriculture and general green maintenance. In particular, it is used when it is necessary to cut one or more trees.

In this article we find out everything there is to know about stump trimmers: what they are used for, what characteristics they should have and what solution Cormidi offers for those working in the sector.

What is a stump trimmer?

When a tree is cut down, a piece of trunk is always left attached to the roots: this obviously cannot remain that way for both aesthetic and safety reasons should it be located, for example, near a point where people or vehicles pass. Moreover, it could make it difficult to cultivate or do further work on the land.

The stump of the trunk that remains in the ground does not rot on its own as many people think; on the contrary, over time it may give rise to new shoots or encourage the growth of harmful fungi and mould. That is why it is necessary to remove it.

To do this, the best tool to use is the stump trimmer (or stump cutter). With this tool you are able to grind the log stump into small pieces of wood, which can then be used for other gardening work or simply be burnt or buried.

How does a stump trimmer work?

A stump trimmer is an efficient and very fast tool. Thanks to a powerful serrated blade at the front, the piece of log left in the ground is broken up into many small pieces.

To do this job, several passes are required in the area concerned: pass after pass, you go deeper and deeper until the remaining log is completely removed. It will then be very easy to get rid of the remaining wood chips, using them as firewood or for other agricultural or gardening purposes.

Is it better to have a stump trimmer or an attachment to integrate?

When buying, there are some important features to consider to make sure you make the best choice, but the most important thing is definitely to choose between:

  • A stump trimmer. It can only be used for this purpose and is therefore a rather limited choice. It can only be a valid choice if you use this machine very often.
  • An accessory with a stump trimmer function to be integrated into a multifunctional machine. Surely this is a more versatile, economical and practical choice. It represents the most preferred solution: the task of removing tree stumps is in fact not so frequent.

Cormidi’s solution

Based on the assumption that those working in the green sector need to be able to rely on fast, efficient and versatile machinery, Cormidi has developed an accessory that can be integrated with multifunctional loaders and which does precisely the valuable work of the tiller.

Here are its technical characteristics.

    • – 14 teeth.
    • – 206 kg weight.
    • – 16-21 kw/ 22-28 hp power.
    • – 1050 r/min rotation speed.
    • – 35/60 l/min oil flow.
    • – 150-250 bar pressure.

Like all accessories that can be integrated with Cormidi machines, the stump trimmer is very easy to attach and handle once installed.


The stump trimmer is certainly an indispensable tool in the management of greenery in gardens, vegetable gardens and wooded areas, however, it is an activity that is not performed very frequently. This is why the best solution is to equip a multifunctional machine with this accessory, instead of buying a machine that only performs this task. This way you will have a versatile tool that can be used for many other tasks.

If you would like to receive more information about the stump trimmer, please contact our staff: we will answer all your questions!