400 kg


Crawler motor minidumper

With the 40 series it is possible to safely transport 400kg; incredibly sturdy, beautiful to look at and above all very reliable, it has revolutionised the world of mechanical minidumpers with its style. In addition to the sophisticated design, which is very unusual for this type of machine, it is particularly durable and reliable. It was entirely designed and built in Italy with the assurance of having an excellent product and spare parts available worldwide. The high quality engines guarantee a long service life of the 400 kg capacity mechanical minidumper.

Extendable body

Another highlight of the 40 series minidumper is the body that can be widened and lengthened allowing the operator to have a much larger and more spacious loading area. It can also be tilted through a particular lever mechanism fitted on the left side of the machine.

Oscillating rollers

In order to work efficiently it is very important to have the right tools! The Cormidi 40 series is highly manoeuvrable thanks to the oscillating rollers fitted on the undercarriage which allow the driver to obtain a sensation of fluidity given by this mechanism; the rollers in fact absorb and make the disconnected base more linear and uniform.

Technical specifications


PetrolHonda Gx 160 5 hp


Low gear2,2 km/h
Fast gear3,9 km/h
Reverse1,9 km/h

Crawler undercarriage

Track width180 mm
Oscillating rollers with grease nipple2
Spring aut. track tension adjustmentSI

Hydraulic system


Operational capacity400 kg
Weight195 kg
Body lengthda 1000 a 1200 mm
Body widthda 740 a 1040 mm

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