1600 kg


Cormidi CMF1600

The 1600 kg machine is part of the multifunctional category made by Cormidi to make work easier.
Amazing as a vehicle, as powerful as an excavator, compact with a minidumper, tracked like a bulldozer, the CMF 1600 is a concentration of technology and innovation, unrivalled in its pure state!

Style, one of its many merits!

At Cormidi we wanted to exaggerate! Never has a 1600 kg minidumper machine ever been so beautiful. In fact, driving it is like manoeuvring a very fluid vehicle; ergonomically speaking, the company has reached very high levels; standing on the platform is like sitting on a comfortable seat with the advantage of having a 360° view and a superior mastery of the machine. The super silenced hood with its exclusive shapes, the dashboard with various functions, such as: digital display, fuel level, signal indicator lights, electric start, horn, joystick and power controller make the 1600 series minidumper an unrivalled machine!

Quick attach

The minidumper is equipped with a special mechanism that makes the machine extremely versatile. With the system called "Quick Attach" it is possible to change the equipment of the minidumper in less than five minutes without excessive effort and above all by just one person! Working has never been easier!

Select the best equipment for your needs

  • RI

  • RIX

  • AC

  • ACW

  • ACX

  • ACWX

  • 3S

  • PC

  • PC

  • HI

  • KB

Technical specifications


DieselKubota D1305 24,8 hp STAGE V TIER 4


Hydraulic pump2 variable displacement piston pumps 93 lt/min 365bar

Crawler undercarriage

Track width230 mm
Oscillating rollersYes

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system Spec 1 – 2 
Hydraulic pumpGear pump
Standard flow (Spec 1 – Spec 2)1×27 l/min 200 bar
Spec 3 
Hydraulic pumpPiston pumps with variable flow rate
Standard flow (Spec 1 – Spec 2)2×29=58 l/min 280 bar
Additional hydraulic outputs 
Spec 1n° 2 double effect
Spec 2n° 5 double effect
Spec 3n° 5 double effect


Speed 7,6 km/h
Weight910 kg
Parking brakeYes
Power regulatorYes