Excavator maintenance: tips for efficient machines

February 19, 2024

Excavators are powerful machines that perform various tasks, such as earth moving and land preparation. However, to ensure that they operate at their maximum capacity, it is essential to devote care and attention to their maintenance. An excavator in perfect condition not only ensures optimum performance, but also stands for safety at work.

In this article you will find some tips on how to carry out routine maintenance and what daily checks to pay attention to in order to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Planning maintenance

Regular maintenance of an excavator extends its service life and ensures that the operator is always able to carry out his work safely. It is precisely for these reasons that it is important to establish a maintenance schedule that alternates between preventive checks and corrective action.

Preventive maintenance, carried out at regular intervals, includes, for example, inspections of the machine, lubrication and possible replacement of components that show signs of wear. Corrective maintenance, on the other hand, focuses on repairing obvious faults that have already occurred.

Ideally, an excavator should undergo routine checks every 50 to 100 hours of use, with more extensive maintenance every 500 to 1000 hours. But let’s look in more detail at the basic steps for proper maintenance.

Excavator maintenance steps

Maintaining an excavator involves several fundamental aspects. Here is a detailed guide to ensure that your machine is always efficient and safe:

  1. check the engine: check the oil levels, cooling system and air filter. It is essential to keep the engine clean of debris and contaminants to ensure its efficiency;
  2. hydraulic system: check hoses, cylinders and hydraulic fluid regularly. Any leaks or damage can reduce the power and efficiency of the system;
  3. tracks or wheels: check the alignment and tension of the tracks. It is important to check the wear of the rubber caps and wheels to avoid mobility problems;
  4. attachments and wear components: attachments, such as bucket and boom, and components such as teeth and pins, should be checked and replaced if necessary
  5. gauges, warning lights and safety: check the operation of the control console and joystick and make sure that the canopy and safety boom are securely fastened;
  6. water separator: empty the water separator daily to prevent the formation of condensation in the engine and to protect the injectors from corrosion.
  7. lubrication and cleaning: proper lubrication reduces friction and wear, while cleaning prevents blockage of mechanisms.

The advantages of proper maintenance

Taking care of your excavator means ensuring that it operates efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and operating costs. That is why regular maintenance is essential:

– improved vehicle operation, reliability and productivity;

– long-term savings, reducing the scale and cost of interventions over time;

– extension of the operating life of the vehicle, delaying the time when it will need to be replaced and maximising the return on investment;

– safe operation of the vehicle;

– maintaining the validity of the warranty;

– minimising emergency

To ensure optimal operation and longevity of the excavator, the use of original and compatible spare parts is important. In this way you avoid compromising the performance of the machine and reduce the risk of breakdowns.


A regularly maintained excavator is synonymous with efficiency, productivity and safety. At Cormidi you will find highly specialised technicians in this field ready to provide you with assistance, advice and original spare parts.

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