Electric construction machines: 4 benefits you need to know about

May 7, 2024
Lara Bove

Among the latest technological innovations in construction and agriculture, electric construction machines stand out as a response to the growing need to reduce environmental impact while maintaining high performance in the field.

In this article, we will explore the four key benefits you need to know, with a particular focus on our C85 Lithium battery electric model, and you will discover how electric machines are revolutionising the industry, ensuring high-level work results and environmental sustainability.

1.Lower environmental impact

Electric construction machinery represents a significant advancement in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Their electric motors are less impactful, consume less fuel, and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

2. Reducing noise and vibration pollution

Another big advantage is the reduction of noise and vibration pollution.

These aspects make work quieter and more comfortable, while preserving the health of workers, reducing the risk of hearing loss and fatigue associated with prolonged machinery use.

3. High battery autonomy

Modern electric models offer up to 8 hours of autonomy while maintaining constant power, thanks to the latest generation of batteries.
Recharging times are significantly reduced with modern lithium-ion batteries, ensuring greater productivity in the field.

4. Lower Mid-term Costs

Although electric machines have a higher initial cost compared to diesel-powered ones due to battery pack expenses, long-term savings from reduced maintenance and fuel costs, coupled with environmental benefits and improved worker health, offset this additional cost.

C85 Lithium battery Cormidi: a glimpse into the future

Cormidi introduces the C85 model, a mini dumper with an 850 kg capacity and lithium battery.

Its configurations facilitate construction, gardening, and agricultural work:

– Remote control for safe operation even in hazardous conditions;

– Connection socket for safe lifting;

– Oscillating rollers for stability and comfort.

Cormidi Cockpit, equipped with an ergonomic 3.5″ touchscreen display for convenient operation.

The Minidumper C85 with lithium-ion battery offers an innovative solution for earthmoving needs on construction and agricultural sites, combining high performance, environmental sustainability, and user-friendliness.

In conclusion 

Electric construction machines represent the future of sustainable construction and agriculture, aligning with the increasingly sustainability-conscious regulations of the European Union. 

Experts predict that by 2029, most machines used in construction, quarrying, and agriculture will be powered by electricity, necessitating the adoption of appropriate machinery.

If you’re considering purchasing the C85 Lithium Battery, Cormidi is at your service to answer any questions. Contact us today to request a quote!