Earth moving: the characteristics of the perfect machine

September 20, 2023

Earth moving is an operation that is carried out for construction purposes, in renovation work, for excavation (for houses, buildings, gardens, landscapes) and in all situations where soil shaping is required. This requires machines capable of both working the soil to be moved and also transporting it.

To carry out this type of work, it is important to use a versatile machine that can adapt to different needs and situations where it is required to move and then transport material from one place to another, whether it is earth or inert material such as sand, broken pavement or tiles.

So what should you consider when it comes to choose the best earthmoving equipment? Let’s find out in this in-depth study.

Construction, renovation and gardening machinery

A construction site, an industrial plant, an agricultural plant or the garden at home? There are many situations in which earth needs to be dug, moved and levelled. Depending on the task at hand, the machinery can have different capabilities: it can be used for material handling, or it can be useful for both loading and transporting material.

Let’s take a look at the qualities to be taken into account when choosing the best machine.

1. Stability

The concept of stability is a key element to consider. The more stable the machine, the easier and faster construction, renovation or gardening work can be carried out. In particular, stability becomes extremely important in situations with steep slopes, slippery ground or in particularly rough terrain. It provides a peace of motion that allows the machine not to tip over in any way and to proceed without restriction.

2. Accuracy

Precision of movement is another determining factor in the agility of the machine: it allows easy passage not only in narrow places but also in steep terrain. It also makes it easier and more accessible to move the machine up and down steps.

3. Speed

What is the advantage of speed in load movements? A significant reduction in downtime, which leads to an optimisation of profits. The machine saves on labour and reduces operating costs. Obviously, the speed of movement is accompanied by a safe movement that guarantees optimal work performance.

The more advanced and high-quality the machine, the more it will be able to transport a large quantity of soil in the shortest time. The speed of the machine has a major influence on the transport phase: just consider the time it takes to transport material with a wheelbarrow or a motorised machine. Obviously, the powered machine moves much more soil in less time than a wheelbarrow can, which means a huge saving in time and effort. 

4. Versatility

A versatile machine can adapt to different environments while ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. Whether it is construction, renovation or gardening work, it is important that the machine is able to respond to the needs of the situation. For this reason, Cormidi not only offers a large number of accessories that can be applied, but also has a specialised team for customising the machine, which is made unique according to the demands expressed by the customer. 

Bucket capacity

One element that influences the versatility of the machine is the capacity of the bucket: how much soil can it carry, lift or dig? How much weight can it carry? Here, the difference is made by the enormous thrust force generated by the Cormidi undercarriage system, coupled with the considerable breakout and lifting force of the boom arm system kinematics. Whether it’s sand, gravel, solid ground or mud, the bucket will be able to transport, lift and dig the material with ease.

As soon as the earth is moved, it must be unloaded into the dumper, which can be internal or external depending on the type of machinery being used. One example is the self-loading dumper-truck that can also be used as an excavator with a mobile arm and bucket, such as a Skid Steer Loader. An advantage of the Cormidi mobile bucket, the only one in the world to be integrated on a machine of this type, is the possibility of adding accessories to the machine, a function that cannot be applied with the fixed bucket.

5. Dimensions

We have seen that earth moving is an activity that can be carried out for various purposes and in many situations. But what if you need to move material in tight places? The size of the vehicle makes all the difference: the narrower and smaller it is, the more manageable it will be, making it easier to use in narrow places and allowing it to pass through.  This is a need to which Cormidi has responded by designing a machine that is small in size, capable of passing through the door of the house and becoming a passepartout for many environments.

Another factor to consider is the weight of the machinery. Many jobs may require the transport of material in and out of a house whose floor can support a certain weight. It is essential to make sure that the machinery is not too heavy to be supported by a slab, avoiding the risk of causing damage and damaging elements of the house. The solution is therefore to use machines with low specific ground pressure, which can guarantee a safe and gentle passage. In order to have a very low ground pressure, Cormidi has created a special design of the undercarriage that allows working even in these extreme conditions.

6. Safety

The safety of the machine is a key element to consider. Not only with regard to the health and protection of the operator while using the machine, but also to the quality of the machine itself.

Cormidi develops machines by carefully following European directives and implementing safety beyond the required standards: the engines meet the latest Stage V requirements and the battery has zero environmental impact.

For example, bulkheads are placed around the driver’s handle to protect the operator from accidental collisions with other machinery and to protect his hands. When the skip is loaded, there is a risk that the boom may come into contact with the operator’s hands with the bucket: to avoid this situation, the bulkheads protect the operator who remains in complete safety.

Another Cormidi element that enhances the safety of the machine is the foldable and shock-absorbent footboard where the operator steps on it: it ensures a pleasant ride as it is equipped with a system that reduces vibrations. As well as offering comfort to the operator, it can be closed or opened depending on the situation and, in a dangerous environment, the operator can drive alongside the machine for added safety.


There are several factors to consider when choosing the best machinery for earth or inert material handling. In addition to its size, weight and carrying capacity, it is important to consider the stability and the protection of the operator, as well as the capabilities of the bucket. All of these elements make it possible to obtain a fast, stable and safe machine for efficient and optimal work.

For years, Cormidi has been studying and implementing the best machinery solutions to meet its customers’ needs and guarantee a high level of efficiency. If you wish to receive further information, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to answer all your questions.