High tree pruning: regulations and best practices to follow

February 19, 2024

Pruning high trees is an activity that requires not only technical expertise but also strict adherence to current regulations. This article will explore the main laws and regulations that define the norms for pruning high trees, offering advice on how to perform this work safely and in compliance with regulations, with a focus on the advantages of using Cormidi aerial platforms.

Regulations for pruning high trees

The laws regulating the pruning of high trees can vary based on the region and country. However, there are common principles that apply in many jurisdictions. These include:

  1. the need for a risk assessment before the intervention,
  2. training and certification of operators,
  3. compliance with specific workplace safety standards.

These regulations often align with directives on health and safety at work and aim to protect both the operators and the surrounding environment.

What are the main laws regulating the pruning of high trees in italy? And what do they state?

In Italy, the pruning of high trees is regulated by a series of laws and regulations that aim to ensure the safety of operators, the health of the trees, and environmental protection. Here are some of the main regulations:

  1. Civil Code (art. 892-896): these provisions regulate the legal distances for planting high trees near property boundaries. They establish that trees must be planted a minimum distance from the border, which varies according to regional and municipal rules.
  2. Consolidated Text On Health And Safety At Work (legislative decree 81/2008): this legislative decree is fundamental for work safety and includes specific provisions for working at heights, including the pruning of high trees. It requires that workers be adequately trained, safe equipment be used, and risk assessments be carried out.
  3. Municipal And Regional Regulations: many italian regions and municipalities have their own specific regulations regarding tree pruning and care, especially in urban or protected areas. These rules may include regulations on the permitted period for pruning, the allowed techniques, and the need for special permits.
  4. Uni Standards (Italian National Unification Body): uni standards provide technical guidelines on urban green management, including best practices for tree pruning. Although they are not laws, these standards are often considered a reference for good practices in the sector.

What to know for pruning in compliance with regulations

Those involved in pruning high trees, therefore, must:

  1. Know the local laws: it is essential to be aware of the specific local regulations governing pruning.
  2. Risk assessment: before starting, a risk assessment is necessary to identify potential hazards.
  3. Training and certification: operators must have adequate training and, where required, specific certifications.
  4. Planning the intervention: pruning must be carefully planned to ensure that it is carried out safely and efficiently.

Tools for pruning high trees

To prune high trees safely and efficiently, it is important to use the right tools. These include professional saws, climbing equipment, and, most importantly, aerial platforms that allow reaching the necessary heights in a controlled and safe manner.

The advantages of using Cormidi aerial platforms

Cormidi aerial platforms offer numerous advantages for pruning high trees:

  1. increased safety: they provide a stable and safe platform, reducing the risk of falls.
  2. greater accessibility: they allow easy access to the tops of trees and enable precise work.
  3. operational efficiency: they reduce operation times and increase work efficiency.
  4. compliance with regulations: Cormidi aerial platforms are designed in compliance with the strictest safety standards.


The regulations for pruning high trees are a fundamental subject to know for those who must carry out this activity, knowing the specific techniques and adhering to the applicable regulations. By using appropriate tools like Cormidi aerial platforms for pruning, it is possible to ensure not only compliance with safety norms but also efficient and high-quality work.

For more information on how Cormidi aerial platforms can support your pruning needs, contact us here.