Tree pruning: how to do it safely

September 20, 2023

Pruning is necessary for the well-being and development of trees. It is usually carried out twice a year before they sprout in the summer and winter to give the trunks strength. However, this essential operation can be risky for those who carry it out, especially when it comes to pruning tall trees.

Which are the best machines to use in total safety? Let’s see it in this article, through the standards guaranteed by Cormidi machines.

Which machinery to use

When pruning tall trees, it is necessary to rely on a machine that places the operator as close as possible to the branches to be cut, ensuring stability that facilitates his movements. In this case, therefore, aerial platforms are the best tool to guarantee safety during work.

Cormidi has three main models: KB11, KB20, KB23. The KB11 is capable of reaching up to 7.5 km/h in its movements. It is possible to integrate this aerial platform as an attachment to CMF multifunctional machines along with many other accessories, placing it in place of the usual body.

KB20 and KB23 are unique. They are multifunctional: underbridge, basket, crane, people carrier and winch. Cormidi produces the only three-in-one aerial platforms in the world. The KB series can reach a height of up to 23 metres and a reach of 12 metres. They can work flush with the wall, vertically up to 18 metres, without having to move the machine. In crane mode they have a lifting capacity of up to 800 kg, in winch mode up to 450 kg and in under-bridge mode up to 6 metres.

All the strengths of Cormidi aerial platforms

The numerical codes that differentiate the names of the three platform models refer to the metres of height they are able to reach by climbing up the basket for tree pruning: 11m, 20m and 23m respectively. The different heights allow operators to choose the ideal solution according to their needs and the work situation.

They are tracked machines, extremely versatile and perfect for moving around on dirt roads and therefore for any maintenance work to be carried out on roads (such as on poles) and in gardening.

Safety: a fundamental aspect to consider

Pruning a tall tree requires working at extreme height, thus increasing the risk of accidents in the working environment. With this in mind, Cormidi machines have been designed to guarantee maximum stability and protection for the operator.

An extremely valuable element is the provision of innovative sensors that prevent the operator from making dangerous manoeuvres. How do they work? After the machine has been stabilised on the ground, the operator inside the basket can ask the machine to perform movements: if the machine detects a danger in the area surrounding the movement that could lead to an imbalance, it warns the operator in advance, thus avoiding the risk and ensuring greater safety. In fact, Cormidi platforms comply with all the safety standards required in Italy, Europe, Australia, Canada and America, the latter being extremely meticulous about safety. In addition, the KB20 and KB23 models are TUV certified.

Immediate support thanks to technology 4.0

Another innovative tool that simplifies operators’ work is the integration of the advanced Ipsone 4.0 remote control. In case the machine detects an error, the operator is able to display it from the comfort of his PC or mobile phone and immediately contact a Cormidi technician who will offer remote technical support in real time. Any doubts can therefore be resolved in a short time, allowing the machining process to continue without any annoying inconvenience.

Speed and stability thanks to automated operations

Cormidi aerial platforms have multiple automated operations. What does this mean?

Through the use of a button or a combination of buttons, the machine is able to assume a specific pre-set working position. This saves the operator from having to manage every single element of the machine to get to a specific position, with the risk of making wrong movements and taking precious time away from the work to be done. Automation simplifies, speeds up and guarantees the efficiency of the machine.

Versatility of accessories: one machine, more functions

The enormous advantage of Cormidi machines is the possibility of using the same machine for different functions. After pruning tall trees, it is necessary and useful to move and transport the cut trunks to free up the field of action. Cormidi aerial platforms are also suitable for this: instead of the basket where the operator is located, it is in fact possible to insert two other types of accessories: the crane or the winch.

The crane with hooks allows logs to be moved from one place to another. This not only speeds up the work process and completes it in the shortest time, but also allows considerable savings to be made on machinery investments.


When carrying out delicate work, it is essential to guarantee safety of action for the operator and for the people present in the equipped area: this is the case of pruning tall trees, which takes place at a height that is dangerous for those who carry it out. Precisely for this reason, using innovative, smart and certified machinery is fundamental and makes all the difference for the stability and speed of action of the workers. Cormidi designs and manufactures evolved aerial platforms, able to guarantee safety, speed and versatility to the operators engaged in the above mentioned work. Every detail is studied to optimise and facilitate the work to be carried out, obtaining excellent results in compliance with safety regulations.

Would you like to know all the functions and accessories of Cormidi aerial platforms? Contact us: we will be happy to answer all your questions.