Chain slicer for irrigation digs: apply it now to your Cormidi

September 20, 2023

When it comes to making irrigation trenches, the chain slicer is the best tool to use. It is an efficient, powerful and non-invasive tool that works cleanly and does not make a mess, even in the most well-kept and delicate environments.

What is the purpose and characteristics of a good chain slicer for irrigation digs? Find out in this article

What is the benefit of chain slicer for irrigation digs?

The chain slicer is a machine that is widely used by construction and building contractors. Its purpose is to carry out excavations for laying pipes without using machinery and equipment that could damage the soil and the surrounding environment. The chain slicer is therefore used for laying pipes, corrugated pipes, hydraulic pipes in general and irrigation systems.

By choosing the most accurate and innovative models, it is possible to carry out irrigation excavations even in gardens and driveways without creating the slightest mess. In recent decades, the use of chain slicer for irrigation trenches has made it possible to optimise the laying of underground services and pipes considerably.

Chain slicer is therefore the best solution for irrigation trenches quickly and with minimum impact, even on hard, compact and even stony ground.

What characteristics must a chain slicer have

Chain slicer are particularly efficient machines when it comes to irrigation excavation, but not all chain slicer are the same: there are certain characteristics that they must have in order to be considered of a high standard.

Here are a few elements to consider carefully when choosing your chain slicer:

    • – Adjustable digging depth, so you can operate different types of digging and hydraulic work.
    • – Digging tools are included to make it more versatile.
    • – Compact size and light weight for easy use in any situation.

Chain slicer applied to Cormidi machines

The chain slicer, as a useful accessory for a job, can be fitted to both the C85 dumper and Cormidi CMF machines.

The main features of the chain slicer that can be integrated with Cormidi machines are:

    • – Digging depth adjustable from 0 to 800 mm.
    • – Digging width from 110 mm.
    • – Reinforced digging chain with 50.80 mm pitch.
    • – Excavated material is moved by a single auger on the right-hand side.

Applying the chain slicer to a Cormidi machine means not only cost savings but also great versatility. Thanks to the possibility of applying this and many other accessories, in fact, Cormidi multifunctional machines can be used in different areas and sectors, always with the same level of efficiency.

Catenaria per scavi di irrigazione

Apply the chain slicer to the CMF

Cormidi’s multifunctional machines are available in different versions: 1200, 1500 and 1600 kg according to transport needs. These machines are easy to manoeuvre and at the same time very powerful, extremely versatile and equipped with advanced technology.

Catenaria per scavi di irrigazione
Catenaria per scavi di irrigazione


Today, the chain slicer is the best tool for making irrigation trenches quickly, accurately and safely. This important accessory can also be perfectly integrated into Cormidi machines: the attachment is simple, fast and within everyone’s reach. It can be used in both the C85 dumper and the CMF multifunctional machines with all the advanced features that distinguish them.

If you would like more information on how to use the chain slicer for irrigation trenches, please contact our team. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have!