Hedge trimmer: an efficient solution for your hedges

September 20, 2023

The hedge is a valuable garden ornament not only aesthetically, but also functionally. It allows you to divide up different areas within your garden or delineate the boundaries between neighbouring properties with elegance and order. In order for a hedge to grow healthy and flourish, it needs special attention, including pruning.

An ideal way of keeping this type of vegetation healthy and in top condition is the hedge trimmer. Let’s take a look at this tool in detail after a brief overview of its advantages and the best conditions for carrying out this work.

Healthy hedges: functions and benefits of cutting

The hedge has two functions: the first is aesthetically pleasing as it enhances the green area of a house or complex by acting as a decorative separator; the second is as a divider between internal or external elements of an area instead of a fence. The fact that the hedge is lush, full and healthy is a basic element in fulfilling both purposes: to decorate and to cover.

Not everyone knows that the development of hedges, like many other plants, is closely linked to their regular pruning: it is through cutting that the hedge grows thick, strong and durable.

During pruning, in addition to giving the desired shape to the foliage, the diseased parts of the plant should be removed along with any broken branches. If there is a diseased area, it is advisable to apply treatments to the whole hedge to ensure that the infected part does not spread to the rest of the branches and leaves. Another function of pruning is to allow more air and light into the plant, even in the lower, less exposed part. Aerial pruning occurs when the driest, most crooked and dense branches are removed.

Seasonality: when to cut the hedge

Pruning should be carried out at regular intervals so that the hedge develops in a uniform and orderly manner. The best time to prune depends on the type of plant in the hedge, as each species has different characteristics and timing.

Despite this, there are two periods in which pruning should be carried out: in spring, around March, and in autumn, in October, before the temperatures start to drop dramatically. For those who have the possibility of pruning more frequently or for those who wish to avoid too radical cuts, pruning can also be carried out in July and May with lighter trimming: in this way the plant is given a regular shape and constant harmony in growth.

The best tools for pruning

Hedge pruning is usually carried out using sharp tools suitable for cutting branches. Manual pruning involves the use of shears or scissors that require the operator’s strength and experience, as well as small hedge trimmers that can be electric, petrol or battery-powered. Manual means require great care and commitment from the operator who will have to move the tool around the perimeter of the hedge, adjusting the distance and energy of the cut.

How can we avoid investing too much energy in this work, guaranteeing not only the safety of the person carrying out the work, but also the precision of the cut in extremely short times? The solution is the hedge trimmer. This tool is integrated into a machine, such as a tractor or a dumper, which guides the cut along the side of the hedge and performs the lateral or surface cut of the highest part of the branches.

Cormidi has designed and developed an advanced model of hedge trimmer to meet all the requirements that may arise during this type of operation. Let’s take a look at its characteristics below.

The Cormidi hedge trimmer: comfort, precision and speed

Hedge trimming can be a real complication when you don’t have the right tools. This is why Cormidi has developed a tool that can be easily integrated into multifunctional machines.

The machine has several functions thanks to the accessories with which it can be integrated, including the hedge trimmer. This features a hedge trimmer arm with a 120 cm cutter bar: this makes it possible to prune hedges up to a maximum diameter of 2 cm. The bar is equipped with SCH blades that cut effectively without leaving imperfections.

A further advantage? The machine has a tilting system for cutting on both sides of the machine and boom pivot up to 270°. While the operator drives the dumper safely and comfortably, the boom cuts the hedge precisely and quickly for the well-being of both the operator and the plant.


Hedge pruning is an important part of the plant’s well-being. The periodic cutting of the branches, in fact, allows a regular and healthy growth of the hedge that will be aesthetically beautiful and functionally effective. The most advanced and innovative means of carrying out this task is the Cormidi hedge trimmer. Its hedge cutter arm is easily and quickly integrated into the multifunctional loader, for extremely precise and optimal hedge trimming.

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