What is a dumper and what is it used for? Here is everything you need to know

September 20, 2023

Not everyone is familiar with the characteristics and peculiarities that define a dumper.

Let’s take a closer look at this innovative tool to understand what a dumper is and what it is used for, the areas in which it is most commonly used and much more.

What is a dumper and what is it used for?

A dumper is a type of motor vehicle designed to transport material. It is for this reason that it is most commonly used in the construction industry: rubble, waste, soil, rubble and any loose material can be transported quickly and easily. The container that makes up the dumper is positioned at the front, while the driver is usually at the back of the machine.

This vehicle is usually powered by a diesel engine, but it can also be powered in other ways: by electric motors, hydraulics or manually operated. The machine moves nimbly on four wheels and, in more difficult terrain, can be fitted with tracks for better grip.

What does the dumper body look like? How is the material loaded?

The front of the dumper is called skip: it is a container that can be tipped to facilitate the unloading of material at its destination.

How to load material into the dumper? There are two possibilities: either the operator loads it manually by means of a shovel or similar tool to pour the material into the dumper, or the dumper is equipped with a mechanism or accessory capable of performing this function independently under the supervision of the operator. An example is the function of tipping the body hydraulically, or the use of a bucket connected to the dumper by a boom: it is through the movement of the boom that the bucket first collects and then pours the material into the body.

What distinguishes the quality of a dumper?

Of all the elements that make up a dumper, there are a few characteristics that define its level of performance and thus its ease of use for the operator.

The main thing to consider is:

    • – Autonomy in movement: the fact that these machines are motorised is an advantage not to be underestimated, but in how many terrains do they guarantee ease and speed? With Cormidi dumpers, there is no risk of puncturing tyres or having the wheels caught in debris: they have resistant rubber tracks and an undercarriage with oscillating rollers that allow movement on any type of surface.
    • – Transport capacity: Dump trucks are good for a variety of needs, and sometimes the weight to be transported is heavy. Instead of slowing down and fatiguing personnel, a robust dump truck with a larger container can perform this task quickly and easily. For this purpose, Cormidi has developed the 2000kg capacity dumper.
    • – The technical qualities of the machine such as stability, precision, speed and versatility define precisely the characteristics of the ideal machine.

Cormidi dumpers

As can be seen at various points in this in-depth analysis, Cormidi is a manufacturer of professional tracked wheel dumpers. Dumpers are designed in every detail to guarantee a robust, agile machine with an intriguing design and at the service of the transport to be carried out.

Cormidi’s objective is to offer high performance dumpers, responding to the various needs that may arise in the areas of use of this machine. For this very reason, it is possible to choose from a wide range of dumpers according to the type of specific requirement: in addition to motorised wheelbarrows, there is an electric dumper model and various models of multifunctional dumpers.


This study has clarified what a dumper is and what it is used for. This motorised vehicle is used to simplify the transport, and therefore the loading and unloading, of various types of material within working areas and construction sites. Dumpers are machines that have undergone many improvements over the years, up to the innovative model proposed and produced by Cormidi.

Would you like more information on the type of dumper that is best suited to your situation? Contact us: we will help you find the most suitable solution for your needs.