Loader for transporting wood: robust, comfortable and secure

December 28, 2021

One of the main advantages of loaders is their versatility. They can be used to transport a wide variety of materials, depending on the environment in which the work is being carried out. From building materials to the soil, the loader is also perfectly suited to transporting wood, providing multiple benefits.

What characteristics define the ideal loader solution for timber transport? We will tell you about them in this in-depth analysis, through the machines and accessories designed by Cormidi.

Why should a loader be used to transport wood?

The loader is the most advanced model of the wheelbarrow. Its technical features have been developed over time thanks to implementations deriving from the needs identified in its use. The fact that these machines are powered by a motor has made it possible to speed up transport times significantly, facilitating the work of operators and reducing their fatigue.

The main advantages of the loader are:

    • – Ease of use and safety for the operator: no more manual loading, unloading and transport. The loader eliminates the effort of the operators, who only have to manoeuvre and guide the dumper.
    • – Lifting and moving heavy loads: the loader can lift heavy weights thanks to the efficiency of the attachments and the strength of the materials. The grapples that lift and move the logs are available in various sizes and models so as to have an effective grip with different shapes and sizes.
    • – Versatility in movement and action without limits: thanks to the tracks with which the most advanced loaders are equipped, it is possible to proceed to transport wood in any terrain and environment.

All these advantages not only improve the well-being of the operators, who are relieved of heavy and demanding work, but also optimise transport operations, with a significant impact on final transport times.

The performance of a loader is also defined by other elements: the material it is made of, its transport capacity, the possibility of changing its equipment and accessories.

Cormidi loaders for transporting wood

In order to offer the best solution in all situations and to meet the multiple needs of its customers, Cormidi has designed and manufactured a range that represents the state-of-the-art in the field of loaders.

The advantage offered by Cormidi is the possibility to carry out several operations with the same machine, integrating it with different accessories according to the present needs. In particular, the C85 loader and the CMF multifunction loaders with agricultural body are particularly effective for transporting wood.

With Cormidi loaders, all the operator has to do is drive the machine with the aid of an advanced dashboard featuring a digital display, warning lights, joystick and power regulator. All this from the footboard, which allows comfortable driving characterised by smooth manoeuvres and no major jolts.

The C85

This model of loader has a transport capacity of 800 kg and is self-loading with front discharge bucket and liftable body. It has accessories with which it can be integrated and which are extremely useful for transporting wood: the log grapple with hydraulic rotation and the rake grapple, which we will explain in more detail later.

The multifunctional loader

The CMF multifunctional loader is a highly innovative tool: in addition to carrying a considerable amount of weight depending on the model chosen, it is equipped with a system that allows you to change equipment in just a few minutes! This mechanism, known as quick attack, can be operated by a single operator in a simple, fast and intuitive way.

In this case, the best equipment for transporting wood is the agricultural skip. Thanks to its openable or removable sides, it can easily hold logs and timber of various sizes.

Suitable accessories for timber transport

There are many Cormidi accessories that can be relied on to transport wood. Each accessory is useful within a specific context and need, for example:

    • – Rake grapple: ideal for moving and loading large logs thanks to the mobility of the grapple teeth.
    • – Bucket with split grapple: particularly useful when moving large and uneven logs and wood residues.
    • – Skeleton bucket and two grapples: perfect for transporting large logs.
    • – Log grapple with hydraulic rotation: useful for gripping and moving logs of various sizes and lengths.


The loader for transporting wood is an innovative and extremely effective solution for carrying out an otherwise costly and demanding task. The most evolved models of loaders run on tracks and can be equipped with specific accessories according to the type of timber to be transported. It is precisely for this reason that Cormidi manufactures and offers a wide variety of loaders and accessories useful for transporting wood.

 Would you like to know which accessory and model best suit your needs? Contact us: the Cormidi team is on hand to answer all your questions!