Snow ploughs: discover the best setups for snowmobiles

November 30, 2022

In the colder months it can happen, in the mountains as well as in the plains, to have to clear snow from roads and public or private places. In these cases it is necessary to act promptly to restore proper and safe movement of people and cars. A snowplow set up on a dumper can be an excellent support for efficient execution of this activity.

What are the features to consider when choosing the best set-up and why opt for this vehicle? We will explore this topic together in the following paragraphs. 

Snowplow blade or turbine? A solution for every need

When it comes to snow plows, it is necessary to distinguish between different types of snow plow equipment. Each of these, in fact, was created to meet particular needs. Among the most sought-after equipment we can find the turbine, a solution capable of moving a heavy blanket of snow from roads and impervious, sloping terrain. The turbine is widely used in the mountains and ski resorts because it withstands significant workloads well and is characterized by high power.

To move a shallow layer of snow from flat roads, yards and parking lots, opt instead for the snow plow: less invasive than its predecessor, it is perfectly suited to flat terrain, allowing it to remove snow from school, hospital and other public building parking lots, maneuvering lanes and private yards of different sizes.

Maximum efficiency: deep cleaning of streets and parks

After a heavy snowfall, achieving deep snow clearance is essential to ensure safety for those on foot, in cars or other vehicles. The snow plow setup on a snow blower allows you to shovel snow in a variety of environments, always achieving quick and excellent results: the machine deeply removes snow not only from roads, but also from parks and inside private and business gardens. If possible, always choose to mount the blade or turbine on a mini dumper: thanks to its compact size, it will be convenient and maneuverable and can reach even the most difficult spots without any difficulty.

Compact or rough terrain? No fear, with the tracked structure!

It is not enough to choose the set-up according to the type of landscape where you are (plain, mountain or hill) and the need of the moment: before choosing a snow plow, it is also essential to define the characteristics of the terrain, which can be compact, gravelly, impervious, sloping. The set-up on professional crawler loaders ensures excellent stability of the vehicle in any situation: thanks to a greater support surface, the machine will not sink into the snow but, on the contrary, will be able to remove it completely. It will also overcome stairs and slopes, ensuring optimal results on different types of terrain and surfaces.

When making your choice, make sure that the structure of the wheelbarrow is sturdy and resistant to scratches and bumps to ensure durability and operator safety. A dashboard equipped with all the features required by the situation (e.g., warning lights to be clearly visible even in low light) should be accompanied by an attractive design-this way, the machine will be pleasant both to drive and to look at.

The ideal solution? The Cormidi wheelbarrow, equipped with the Quick Attach system

“Versatility” is the buzzword for those seeking productivity and cost reduction. What if dozens of tasks, including snow clearing, could be performed with a single machine? Cormidi, an Italian company that for more than half a century has been engaged not only in the construction but also in the design of innovative mini dumpers, has developed the Quick Attach system for this: through a quick and easy attachment, the snow blower can be set up according to the needs of the moment. Blade and snow blower, but also much more: forks, grapples, stone burier and shredder, rake and digging bucket. In just a few minutes you can bring to life the machine you want and use it at any time of the year for the tasks your company requires, while decreasing costs and footprint. This way you will combine efficiency with versatility, the perfect combination to ensure brilliant performance every time.

In conclusion

A snow plow set up on a motor wheelbarrow is the ideal solution for those who often find themselves needing to clear roads, parks, car parking lots and other environments of a more or less deep blanket of snow. With a choice of blade or turbine equipment and the versatility of the Cormidi-designed Quick Attach system, your snowmobile becomes the most efficient and practical support you can provide.

Test now the innovation, flexibility, and fresh, modern design of our mini dump trucks: contact our team to receive a detail of their features or make an appointment to touch base with the quality and care with which our wheelbarrows are designed and manufactured.