Wood loading pincers: how to implement them on wheelbarrows

September 20, 2023

One of the most frequent operations for forestry workers involves loading and moving large quantities of timber. An activity, this one, that must be carried out safely but efficiently to maintain high productivity. Being supported by a sturdy wheelbarrow ensures just that: thanks to the possibility of implementing grapples to load the wood, the material is easily placed in the box and in a few minutes the machine is ready for quick and ergonomic transport.

What are the most reliable grapples and what advantages do they bring for those doing the work? Let’s look at it together in the next paragraphs.

A wheelbarrow, different types of grapples

The wheelbarrow is a tracked vehicle that, depending on the type of integrated equipment, can be widely used for transporting construction rubble or lumber and other plant debris. Versatility is precisely one of the distinguishing advantages of this vehicle: the ability to change the type of attachment from time to time makes it possible to meet the company’s individual needs to the fullest.

For more than half a century, Cormidi has been building and designing tracked and minidumpers that can be used in a variety of working contexts. The highest quality of the materials used, the attention to ergonomics and design, and the integration of different equipment make the wheelbarrow the ideal means for handling timber of various sizes.

In the case of grapples for loading wood, we can distinguish between different types of attachments. Here are the main ones.

Bucket with split grapple

Sometimes, moving logs and wood debris in large quantities can be complicated, especially if the size of the materials is very varied. Thanks to the split grapple bucket, characterized precisely by a split grapple, this task becomes quick and easy: the result is moving heavy and diverse materials, always in complete safety of the operator.

Skeleton bucket and two grapples

The skeleton bucket, equipped with 2 grapples, was created specifically for transporting large logs. Popular in the forestry and construction industries, it makes the task of loading and moving timber even more efficient, minimizing operator fatigue.

Log grapple with hydraulic rotation

Not only logs and stumps, but also brushwood: the wood hauler equipped with a grapple with hydraulic rotation is perfect not only for the industrial forestry sector, but also for nurserymen. Safe and perfectly adaptable to the context in which it operates, it will make the activity more efficient and pleasant.

Rake tongs

The main feature of the rake grapple concerns the mobility of its teeth. This makes it a reliable accessory in tasks where it is required to move and load large logs or wood chips.

Cormidi wheelbarrows: functionality, safety and versatility

Cormidi has studied the problems and needs encountered by companies in the forestry sector regarding the transport of wood. It has therefore created a wide range of motor wheelbarrows that, thanks to their special technical characteristics and equipment, always manage to guarantee: 

    • – Easy implementation of grapples. In order to speed up the loading and unloading of wood, it is essential that the integration of attachments on the wheelbarrow takes place easily and intuitively. This is why the innovative Quick Attack system was created: thus, the set-up of the wheelbarrow takes place in just a few minutes, and the machine is immediately ready to perform at its best.
    • – Increased load capacity. Thanks to a sturdy structure and special attention to the machine’s loading capacity, the wheelbarrow becomes even more capacious. The ability to open or slide out the sides of the box also provides more space for logs and branches of considerable size. All this results in fewer wood transports and, therefore, greater operational efficiency.
    • – Maximum safety. The operator needs to work serenely, without fear of running into situations that endanger his health. Cormidi wheelbarrows focus on ergonomics and not only meet but also exceed the safety standards imposed by European directives.
    • – High resilience. Working in the forestry and construction fields, it often happens that machines suffer damage and impacts. A strong structure, made of the highest quality materials and resistant to everyday accidents, allows the wheelbarrow to maintain top-level performance even after years and years of use.
    • – Wide range of available accessories. As we have seen, the wood-loading equipment of Cormidi wheelbarrows is varied and diversified according to individual daily needs. In this way, maximum productivity can be achieved in every task. What about when wood handling is no longer needed? The wheelbarrow can be equipped with a digging bucket, stone burier, shredder and more to carry out new tasks. Always flawlessly.

In conclusion

Wood loading grapples mounted on a wheelbarrow are the ideal solution for moving large quantities of logs, brushwood and other plant residues to appropriate places. Thanks to its special technical characteristics, they manage to ensure efficiency, safety and durability: essential factors for working in peace of mind and achieving consistently high performance while reducing costs.

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