Construction rubble transport: how to obtain maximum efficiency

September 20, 2023

The disposal of construction waste is an operation not only frequent, but also necessary in the construction sector: according to the law, in fact, it is the company that carries out the work that has to take care of transporting all those materials deriving from the activities to a specific place. construction.

How to do this safely and efficiently, eliminating downtime and transporting the greatest amount of waste? In this article we explore the best methods for a perfect transport of construction rubble.

What are the main types of building rubble?

By “building rubble” we mean all those waste products resulting from excavation work in the building, as well as demolition and / or construction of masonry works. These wastes are generally classified as “inert materials” as they do not undergo changes in their physical state. We therefore speak of sand, crushed stone and gravel, used to produce the mortar, ideal for the construction of walls, walls and other works. To this construction waste are also added rubble and remains of reinforced concrete.

According to the legislation in force, the transport of construction materials must be carried out by those who helped produce them. In most cases, it is therefore the company that carried out the work that has this responsibility; however, it may happen that the private carries out the construction work on his own land independently. In this case, it will be this person who will have to deal with waste disposal.

Building rubble can be classified as special waste. Generally, therefore, their disposal takes place inside landfills equipped with processing plants capable of recycling these materials. Precisely to make the activities of moving building rubble from the construction site to the landfill more efficient, it is advisable to equip oneself with vehicles made ad hoc for this type of operation: this is why minidumpers are born. It is precisely starting from the characteristics of these machines that it is possible to handle waste materials in the best way, ensuring safety, speed and easy movement in all circumstances.

# 1 Compactness: optimal movements even between the tightest passages

A very common situation within construction sites concerns the presence of particularly narrow passages, just think of the entrances to buildings under construction. This is why the compactness of the minidumper takes on particular importance: its small dimensions allow the building material to be recovered even in the most hidden and insidious points of construction sites, thus avoiding having to handle them before reaching the machine. The advantage is twofold: greater efficiency is accompanied by extra attention to the safety of operators.

# 2 Maneuverability: High stability for higher speed

Freeing up work spaces on construction sites in a short time is very important for increasing productivity and reducing downtime: thanks to a machine designed to ensure the best maneuverability, transporting building rubble becomes quick and easy. This is made possible thanks to a very low center of gravity, synonymous with off-road stability and optimal movements even on slopes and in the presence of steps. To overcome obstacles and move easily even on treacherous terrain, there is a tracked structure that is effective and long-lasting.

# 3 Safety: a platform to always have control of the vehicle

A wheelbarrow with an operator platform represents the perfect combination of safety and comfort: even after long work sessions, the worker can enjoy the comfort guaranteed by the anti-vibration systems, which cancel the shocks caused by moving on slippery ground. Thanks to the platform, the operator always has maximum control of the vehicle, boasting a 360 ° view of the surrounding environment. When the minidumper is not in operation, the platform can be closed to obtain a smaller footprint.

Of course, in addition to the presence of a platform for the operator, it is essential to ensure that the dumper in construction is developed according to the strict safety standards imposed by European directives.

# 4 Versatility: Lots of features with one machine

Anyone who works on a construction site knows it well: there are always a lot of activities to be carried out. A versatile machine is therefore what a construction company needs: the possibility of equipping the same minidumper with different accessories from time to time allows to satisfy the many daily needs. Not only, therefore, a set-up used for the transport of building rubble, but also much more: for example, the integration of special forks allows you to obtain a forklift truck for handling heavy goods. In this way, attention to versatility becomes the ideal solution to achieve maximum efficiency in every context and situation.

In conclusion

The transport of building rubble is a delicate issue for companies operating in the construction sector: to perform it at its best, it is necessary to have vehicles capable of guaranteeing safety, smooth movements, excellent maneuverability even in the most confined points and maximum versatility.

For over half a century, Cormidi has been designing and manufacturing machines specifically designed for the transport of construction waste. Their characteristics make them suitable to meet the different needs of companies included in these sectors. If you want to experience first-hand the quality and high performance of our products, contact us: we will be happy to answer your questions.