Excavation in construction: discover the best tools on the market

September 20, 2023

For the construction of buildings, whether public or private, it is always necessary to carry out the excavation phase on which the foundations will be built. Excavation in construction is carried out by removing rocks and soil from the ground, with a minimum depth of 2 metres: various types of mechanical machinery are used to carry out this phase.

How can excavation be carried out efficiently, for safe and optimal work of the operators? Let’s take a closer look at the machines that are best suited to this task, and the innovative features of the equipment built by Cormidi.

Machines suitable for construction excavation

When it comes to moving earth for construction purposes, there are three main types of machinery that make it possible to carry out this operation in the best possible way: machines that are used exclusively for moving the material present, machines that allow the material to be loaded and machines that are suitable for transporting the construction material.

The most commonly used machine for loading and excavating on a construction site is the excavator. An excavator is equipped with an excavation tool that falls into two main categories: the bucket and the scoop.

The bucket: the tool that makes the difference when digging

The bucket is a tool designed specifically for the function of the excavator: its shape lends itself perfectly to the loading and unloading of any material, in all those jobs where it is necessary, such as, for example, excavation. In fact, the bucket can be used to lift loose material, soil, residues and waste, digging in large areas in a functional way and optimising work time.

Depending on the type of use, there are many types of buckets for excavators that vary in size, material and technical characteristics. Cormidi buckets are the result of the family’s technology and experience gained over half a century of history: let’s see their details below.

The characteristics of Cormidi buckets

The range of Cormidi buckets is specifically designed to allow you to work and move around easily and productively on sites with limited space. At the base of each machine there is attention to detail, quality of materials, compactness and sturdiness: all these features are clearly evident in these construction site tools.

What types of buckets are there? Cormidi has developed a varied range that can respond to all the many different needs present on construction sites. The problems and needs that may arise during an excavation, in fact, depend on the type of material to be moved (and therefore the weight and size) and also on the type of environment in which the operation takes place (the space available for moving the machine and the climate conditions). 

The detailed list of Cormidi buckets:

  1. The most classic is the bucket with forks or bucket with teeth.
  2. The 4-in-1 bucket is more elaborate and allows you to load, level, grip and unload material in a calibrated manner without having to replace any element.
  3. The large volume bucket is perfect for handling large volumes of light material such as grit, forage, wood chips, snow and more.
  4. The clamshell bucket with split gripper allows mixed material to be screened in a size-selective manner.
  5. The mixing bucket, designed to make concrete production on site quicker.
  6. The rake bucket is used to group material on the surface such as stones, wood, plant material and others; the distance of the teeth is defined by the type of work to be carried out.


In construction excavations, it is important to have advanced machinery that allows operators to easily carry out material handling operations. The most suitable machine for unloading and excavating is the excavator: the bucket can collect the material on the ground and move it to another location for safe unloading. Precisely for this reason, it is important to assess the type of bucket to be used according to the type of excavation in which you will be working: given the many requirements, Cormidi has designed a wide range capable of satisfying any type of need.

Would you like to know more about the buckets, to understand which is the best solution for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us: our team will be happy to help you.