Construction excavation: what is it used for and how can it be done in the best possible way?

September 20, 2023

Excavation plays a fundamental role in the construction industry: it is a practice that involves the removal of rocks or soil from the ground in order to prepare foundations for buildings, by excavation, splitting, trench digging and also for wells and tunnels.

Excavation is the preliminary excavation for the construction of any type of foundation: it is a large-scale work, involving deep excavation to ensure the solidity of the building or structure to be built.

How can this delicate task be carried out in the best possible way and in total safety? Find out in this article, where we explore in detail everything related to earthworks, from the initial organisation to the best machinery to use.

What to consider before digging

Because this is a major excavation operation, it is essential to reflect on a number of issues before moving on to the practical phase of excavation. In particular, it is necessary to define the following characteristics:

    1. the typology of the excavation phases;
    2. the technologies that will be used during excavation;
    3. the methods for creating accesses to the excavations and the support systems for the excavation walls;
    4. the procedural prevention and protection measures to be followed during excavations and any emergencies.

Once these steps have been defined, it is possible to proceed with the realisation of the work. The machinery and technology that is made available plays a key role and must be chosen consciously.

Getting into action: the machinery required for excavation

You need the right tools and machinery for the job, including wheelbarrows, mini-excavators and hydraulic hammers.

The wheelbarrow is large and solid: it is used to transport heavy materials and to move independently over rough terrain.

The wheelbarrow is commercially available in two different variants:

    1. Tracked dumper: mainly used for construction work and for transporting materials over rough terrain. The crawler tracks make it possible to work with agility even in difficult environments and have a better performance for prolonged use.
    2. Wheeled loader: usually used for gardening work and operations that do not require particularly high demands. It has a more limited carrying capacity and works preferably in favourable environments with regular soils.

For excavation work, therefore, the most suitable machine is the tracked wheel loader. Let’s find out what other characteristics it can have in order to effectively carry out an excavation job, through the details of the range produced by Cormidi.

All the characteristics to consider: Cormidi Tracked Dumper

The multifunction CMF (1600, 1500, 1200) is certainly the best performing and most reliable machine in its category: it is long-lasting and with zero maintenance costs.

As well as having an elegant and attractive appearance, the driving of the minidumper is extremely comfortable, with very high ergonomic levels: not only does it allow manoeuvres to be carried out very smoothly, but it also comfortably accommodates the operator on the platform, with the advantage of having a 360° view and mastery of the machine.

The uniquely shaped bonnet is super-silenced, while the dashboard offers a variety of services that make the CMF a machine like no others. For example, it has a digital display, fuel level, warning lights, electric starter, horn, joystick and power regulator.

The Cormidi minidumper is equipped with a special mechanism that makes the machine extremely versatile. With the system called Quick Attach, it is possible to change the set-up of the minidumper in less than five minutes without excessive effort and, above all, with the commitment of just one person.

One machine, multiple uses: attachments and accessories useful for digging

The inestimable advantage of Cormidi multifunctional machines is their ability to transform themselves according to the type of requirement through the many existing attachments and accessories. Let’s see which are the most advantageous in an excavation operation:

    • – The dozer blade is a multifunctional, versatile and flexible piece of equipment: it is ideal for ground levelling operations, and useful not only for earthworks, but also for backfilling and spreading materials.
    • High-strength steel and reinforced construction make the Cormidi bucket strong and durable. Optimised design ensures optimum ground penetration and superior payload.
    • – The mixing bucket allows concrete to be placed at any time where it is required and allows for better utilisation of the operating machine.
    • – The 4-in-1 bucket allows the material to be loaded, levelled, grabbed and discharged in a calibrated manner without having to change any element. The opening and closing of the jaw allows the equipment to be used for multiple applications. It can be used as a loading and material-handling bucket, grapple bucket and grader blade.
    • – The grader blade is ideal for levelling and excavating soil: thanks to its robust design, it allows you to move a large amount of soil by working it and turning it back on itself to achieve high productivity in terms of time and power consumption.
    • – The sweeper with collection is a powerful ally in the cleaning of streets, building sites and car parks. The capacity of the waste collection tank makes the Cormidi sweeper capable of collecting large amounts of dust and gravel and cleaning large areas.


Excavation is used to prepare and define the large area on which the foundations of a building will be built in order to give it greater safety and stability. After a preliminary analysis of the excavation, it is possible to start working with tracked dumpers. These machines are not only suitable for working in difficult terrain, but also have a long service life and are capable of carrying high weights. In order to meet the needs that may arise within this excavation, Cormidi has developed the line of multifunctional loaders: robust, comfortable and advanced machines, which are suitable for multiple operations thanks to their compatible equipment and accessories.

Do you need to carry out an excavation or a large-scale digging operation, and want expert advice on which machinery and equipment to use? Contact us: our team will answer all your questions, to offer you only the best.