Construction wheelbarrow: functionality and features to consider

September 20, 2023

Over the years, the world of automation has evolved along with the technologies and types of mechanisms that can be integrated into a wheelbarrow. If you want to do a job well done, comfortably and in an efficient timeframe, it is no longer possible to think of the classic wheelbarrow with a simple container on wheels to be transported around; especially when it comes to construction sites with elaborate and high demands. Today’s machines include modern, motorised and equipped models that greatly simplify the work of operators on construction sites.

Cormidi has studied the best wheelbarrow solutions for the construction industry: let’s take a look at their characteristics and the benefits they guarantee, through an in-depth study of one model in particular.

What should be considered

The construction of a structure requires an initial design phase, followed by an operational phase in which the organisation of the site and the resources that will physically produce the structure are decided. In order to carry out reconstruction work, it is important not only to know how to design, but all the conditions must be in place to be able to open one or more construction sites in a short space of time and put what has been planned into practice. A fundamental role in this process is played by construction machinery, which simplifies and speeds up the organisation of work.

Basically, it is the type of work to be carried out that determines the choice of machine: if you want to transport cement or any other material in quantity and on a slope, an innovative mini dumper is essential.

It is precisely for this reason that it is important to consider all the features and details that characterise a wheelbarrow model: each of its elements facilitates work on the site for the comfort of the operators and the achievement of high quality results.

Cormidi professional wheelbarrows

Passion and continuous study have allowed us to create state-of-the-art wheelbarrows, always looking to new technologies for an update that aims to get ever closer to perfection. 

An example? Cormidi minidumpers have various accessories that can be chosen according to the maintenance and work to be carried out. The bodies vary in size, in some cases they can also be tipped, they have different speeds and some of them are able to tow trailers or are equipped with various types of blades. Let’s take a closer look at one of the best performing models: the C55 wheelbarrow.

The C55 model

C55 is the smallest motorised wheelbarrow in the professional series, with a 550kg transport capacity. Its small size allows it to be extremely versatile for a variety of work situations: in particular, it can be used in confined spaces and through limited house entrances to complete building work.

This mini dumper is also available in a Hi-Tip version, self-loading or simply with a tipping body, and is equipped with a Honda or Kohler engine and optional dual speed. The aerodynamically designed body has an excellent capacity: it is rounded at the corners and can be tipped. Another special feature of the hydrostatic wheelbarrow is its oscillating rollers, which allow it to effortlessly cross the narrowest of terrains, with a considerable reduction in overhangs.

Let’s take a look at the innovative features and advantages of this machine:

    • – Galvanised screws that prevent rust and deterioration;
    • – Ergonomic, easy-to-grip pull lever with rubber caps;
    • – Long-lasting, weatherproof and acid-proof adhesives;
    • – Abs cover: the dashboard is made of a uniquely designed thermoformed Abs cover;
    • – Reinforced body with rounded corners that allows any material to be unloaded in full. Capacious with large tipping angle;
    • – Air filter easily accessible and quick to clean;
    • – Oscillating rollers: four greasable oscillating rollers that increase stability on highly uneven terrain;
    • – Shock-absorbing folding footboard, designed to support a strong man;
    • – Radiator with electric fan that cools the hydraulic oil, providing above-average performance
    • – Cast wheels ensuring long life and less maintenance;
    • – Self-loading device anchored to the body, driven by 2 hydraulic pistons;
    • – Raised body allowing high-level discharge;
    • – Hi-Tip arm: mechanism that allows the body to be raised to a height of 154 cm at the pivot point;
    • – Red safety mounts that block the hydraulic jacks, allowing all maintenance to be carried out in perfect safety;
    • – Air intakes on the sides allow the engine to always work at the ideal temperature and to always be efficient;
    • – Reinforced rubber tracks, specially designed for the C55;
    • – Heavy duty performance.


The quality of a machine allows better working results, with a reduction in time and a lightening of the operators’ load. With these objectives in mind, Cormidi designs the best wheelbarrows: innovative, equipped and powered. The Cormidi wheelbarrow for construction simplifies work and adapts to many different contexts, for a unique versatility. 

Would you like to know all the features of the Cormidi minidumpers, to understand which one is right for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us: the Cormidi team will be happy to answer all your questions.