Construction dumper: the features that cannot be missing

September 20, 2023

Within construction sites, having the right means for transporting and unloading the building material allows you to increase efficiency and reduce the fatigue of operators. This is how a greater number of tasks can be performed in less time, while maintaining the highest quality of operations.

How to recognize, in the selection phase, the best construction dumper among the many on the market? What are the factors to consider? In this article we deepen the features that cannot be missing in a wheelbarrow made specifically for the construction sector.

# 1 Maneuverability: Tight passages are no longer a problem

On construction sites it often happens that you have to deal with narrow spaces and passages, just think for example of the limited entrances of buildings under construction. Precisely for this reason, one of the essential characteristics of construction wheelbarrows concerns their maneuverability that allows operators to reach the most difficult corners of construction sites. This is also why minidumpers are born: machines that combine compact dimensions with high efficiency.

When purchasing the dumper in construction, also consider the importance of stability: thanks to resistant rubber tracks and an undercarriage with oscillating rollers you can tackle slippery and rough terrain without effort, avoiding the dangers that can undermine your safety and that of your team. In addition, you will be able to overcome slopes even with the body loaded with material.

# 2 Robustness: tough materials against bumps, scratches and abrasions

Wheelbarrows for professional construction are created for the transport of building materials such as rubble, rubble, earth residues and stones from one place to another on the construction site. Due to the peculiarities of these places, these machines are required to be highly robust, resulting from a construction with materials resistant to scratches and impacts. This is the case of HARDOX steel which has excellent structural properties and strong tenacity against abrasion and corrosion. A digging bucket made with this material is reliable and long-lasting, the best ally for those who work on construction sites.

# 3 Customization: fork, blade, auger, excavator and more

Paying attention to the versatility of the construction site dumper you will be able to enjoy the perfect combination of efficiency and savings, both in economic terms and in terms of physical footprint. Opt for a wheelbarrow that can be configured in a different way according to the type of work you need to perform: forks, dozer blade, auger, excavator and much more will allow you to customize your dumper to obtain brilliant results in any working context.

# 4 Safety: maximum compliance with European regulations

Safety must be the priority in every work activity, even in the transport of building materials. Thanks to a reliable and sturdy wheelbarrow, the work will become less tiring for the operator who will be able to operate to the best of his abilities, especially in the most demanding situations, such as stairs and steep terrain. In addition to the importance of being designed with resistant materials, make sure that the dumper has been developed according to the strict safety standards drawn up by European directives.

# 5 Different load capacities for different work situations

There are those who seek maximum compactness in a wheelbarrow and there are those who, on the other hand, require a greater load to minimize working times. That is why it is also good to evaluate these two aspects, without however having to make sacrifices. Opt for a minidumper with a load capacity of up to 600 kg if you work on construction sites that require high maneuverability; on the other hand, you can reach a load of 2000 kg with machines specifically designed to transport heavy weights, increasing the speed of execution of the workers.

In conclusion

The dumper in construction plays an important role on construction sites, allowing the transport of material effectively, without slowing down the work of the operators. For this reason, in the selection phase it is necessary to take into consideration all those characteristics that make it the best support for your working days. Cormidi designs machines and vehicles for earthmoving, versatile and customizable according to individual needs in the load and accessories to be integrated.

If you want to touch the Made in Italy quality of our wheelbarrows, contact us: we will be happy to let you know how we design dumpe, minidumper and their innovative features.