Professional construction minidumper: features to consider

September 7, 2021

In construction work, it is the machinery that makes the difference. Efficient and innovative machines have a huge influence on the speed of execution and simplify the work for the operators. The minidumper is an indispensable tool for moving materials. It has evolved over the years, but what characterises a professional construction wheelbarrow today? Let’s find out below.

The evolution of the minidumper

Originally, wheelbarrows were simple containers supported by a central wheel and transported manually by man, but today they can be seen as true design machines.

The first wheelbarrow dates back to 400 B.C. and it was first used in ancient Greece, but also by the Romans and Chinese. The first wheelbarrows were made from rudimentary materials such as wood, and then moved on to stronger and more durable elements, culminating in today’s construction wheelbarrow.

The turning point of the minidumper

Transporting building materials requires the use of robust equipment capable of transporting soil, bricks, concrete and various types of rubble. So what is it that makes the wheelbarrow such a quantum leap? The fact that it does not require human strength to move it, as it has its own motor.

Thanks to the use of wheelbarrows, operators save considerable energy and the movement of material takes place in a short space of time, guaranteeing enormous agility even in difficult and rugged terrain. With a larger metal body, the wheelbarrow can carry more weight without burdening the operators.

Finding a reliable, economical and compact wheelbarrow with the ability to cover any surface is a challenge. Cormidi’s Design Lab team wanted to combine all these features to create the best possible solution, creating the C40 wheelbarrow.

The enormous advantages of the Cormidi minidumper

What are the features of this machine, which can safely transport 400 kg? Let’s look at the three main advantages of this machine:

    • – Multi-purpose transporter

Equipped with an extendable platform, the C40 saves time and money by making it easy to move all types of construction and agricultural materials around construction sites and farms. The C40 is an all-rounder: the extendable platform makes it suitable for transporting anything from pallets to bales of hay, even loose materials.

For larger loads, the sides can be extended to expand the area or the sides can be removed completely. Another advantage? The ease with which this machine can be tipped: simply pull the lever and gently tip the C40 to empty it.

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    • – Exceptionally versatile

There’s no need to worry about punctured tyres or wheels getting caught in debris or ruts – the C40 uses durable rubber tracks and an oscillating roller undercarriage to move over all surfaces – gravel, loose soil and demolition debris.

With a top speed of 3.9 km/h and a small footprint, all types of loads up to 400 kg can be transported wherever they are needed: up narrow fire escapes, down a narrow alleyway and even through a standard house door.

    • – Practical and economical

Getting the C40 to and from the job site is no effort at all: it weighs only 195 kg and can be effortlessly lifted by four hooks on the chassis.  The Cormidi C40 is equipped with a reliable Honda GX160 petrol engine, capable of tackling tough jobs, day after day, while consuming little fuel.

The Cormidi C40 is compact, versatile and affordable – the perfect practical solution for an infinite range of uses. Not to be underestimated is also the aesthetic research of this machine: its elegant and balanced design is highlighted by the typical Cormidi colours, black and orange, not to go unnoticed.


The minidumper has always been an instrument of great help to mankind. It was created to facilitate the transport of materials from one place to another, especially when it came to large and heavy items. From the first rudimentary models, this machine has undergone an incredible evolution until we arrive at the models we have today: the minidumper.

The minidumper is the true professional construction wheelbarrow for safe and fast transport on construction sites. As an example, the Cormidi C40 is perfect: a multi-purpose, versatile, practical, fast and economical tool.

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