Dumper maintenance: the basic steps you should follow

July 22, 2022

When you want efficiency to last, attention during work must go together with scrupulous maintenance of the dumper: this important step must not only be carried out by qualified personnel, but must also comply with specific deadlines and activities for checking, cleaning and replacing components. Only in this way will the dumper always be at peak efficiency and ensure great reliability even years after its purchase.

How often is it necessary to carry out dumper maintenance and what are the essential factors for carrying it out in the best possible way? Follow this guide: we will advise you how to proceed, step by step, for perfect maintenance of your machine.

Deadlines, inspections and replacements: How is dumper maintenance carried out?

One of the most important questions regarding dumper maintenance concerns the regularity with which it must be carried out. There are various deadlines to be met.

The first service is the most important of all and must be carried out after 50 hours of use or one month after purchasing the hauler. In this case, the experts carry out a series of checks on the operation of the machine and proceed to replace what are called filters in technical jargon: the internal-external air filter, the diesel filter and the engine oil filter. Following all these stages of overhaul and replacement of parts to the letter is essential not only to ensure optimum operation of the machine, but also to be able to make use of the warranty in the event of problems.

Once the first service has been carried out, the time for maintenance of the dumper becomes longer: generally, the overhaul takes place every 200 hours of use or every two months. In these cases, the focus is on the different components of the machine, from the more general to the more specific, such as the engine, the electrical system, the hydraulic circuit and the undercarriage.

Among the activities that the technicians dedicate themselves to, for example, we can find:

    • – Checking the functioning of the various components, such as the condition of the control levers and bellows, searching for leaks in the fuel circuit and level gauge, and greasing the rollers;
    • – Cleaning the machine’s pump compartment, oil cooler and areas containing electrical cables;
    • – Adjustment of the engine bonnet closure, crankcase vibrations when the engine is running, intake and exhaust valve clearance and many other items;
    • – Replacement of worn components, so-called ‘filters’.

Thanks to complete maintenance of your dumper you will always have a clear overview of the state of your machine, which will be as good as new, ready to resume work.

Servicing your dumper with Cormidi: all the advantages

The dealer’s work does not end with the sale of the dumper: in addition to the purchase phase, it is essential that he or she also follows the customer through the subsequent steps relating to service and maintenance.

Cormidi, an Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of motorcarriages and dumpers with cutting-edge quality standards, guarantees a dense network of dealers all over the world and in almost all Italian provinces: in this way, wherever you are, a qualified expert will be able to check your dumper and proceed with servicing.

The maintenance specialists will also replace any deteriorated parts with original Cormidi spare parts, guaranteeing you top performance, safety and top quality at all times. In this way, from your point of view, hauler maintenance will no longer be a nuisance, but an all-round experience that will provide you with an efficient, high-performance machine for years to come.

In conclusion

Carrying out dumper maintenance is an essential step to ensure the optimal operation of the machine over time: the periodic check of the dumper, followed by the cleaning and adjustment of its components and the replacement of filters allows the dumper to be at peak efficiency at all times. In order to perform all these activities ad hoc, it is always a good idea to use assistants specialised in the sector, who ensure professionalism and the use of original spare parts. These are the aspects that Cormidi considers fundamental for a lasting and profitable relationship with its customers.

Would you like to have your Cormidi dumper serviced or request more information on the subject? Contact our team or visit the page dedicated to dealers to find the one closest to you, clarify your doubts and/or book an appointment.