Wheelbarrow with operator platform: discover the main advantages

September 20, 2023

When choosing a wheelbarrow it is essential to consider not only the technical characteristics of the machine, but also the presence of a platform for the operator. This, in fact, facilitates the rapid and fluid movements of the dumper and, at the same time, guarantees extreme comfort for those who work, as well as maximum control of the machine.

The wheelbarrow with platform for the operator guarantees many other fundamental advantages. Let’s explore them together in the next paragraphs.

# 1 Comfort: ensures ergonomic travel

The platform of the wheelbarrow is specially designed to be ergonomic. This means that, once on board, the operator will be able to enjoy particular comfort that will prevent him from suffering from back pain or leg pain, even after long work sessions. This is thanks to the presence of anti-vibration mounts: vibration isolators that cancel the perception of shocks caused by movements on rough and / or slippery ground. By doing so, the movements will always be characterized by sliding maneuvers and the operator will be able to continue his work without having to stop frequently due to physical discomfort.

# 2 Possibility of closing the platform: less space

In the areas of unloading building rubble and earth moving, it may happen that you do not have much space available. It happens, for example, inside buildings under construction characterized by limited entrances: in these contexts, saving every centimeter becomes essential. That’s why, thanks to a wheelbarrow equipped with a foldable platform for the operator, you can ensure extra space to move easily when the machine is not in operation. Open the platform when you need to move and close it when you stop: practical and manageable, it will also be less bulky.

# 3 Complete view: greater safety for the operator

Standing behind the dumper, the operator can always enjoy a complete view of the surrounding environment. This aspect is important from a safety point of view: at any time those who work on construction sites can intercept obstacles and dangers and, through the intuitive controls positioned on the dashboard, change their direction. By doing this, you will always have maximum control of the vehicle: when there is not enough space or the environment is particularly hostile, the operator can close the platform and walk to the side of the machine.

# 4 Sturdiness: it can cope with bumps and scratches

Resistance and sturdiness are essential characteristics for the platform of a wheelbarrow. This is because the dumpers in construction work in environments subject to shocks, scratches and abrasions: an excellent quality workmanship ensures their durability over time even in the presence of these problems. Furthermore, a sturdy platform is able to support the weight of also very sturdy men, to offer them easy and safe movements.ù

# 5 Dashboard: controls and accessories always at hand

A wide range of convenient and accessible controls to be able to move easily from one place to another and perform different activities: thanks to a console full of buttons positioned a few centimeters from the operator, it will not be necessary to perform risky maneuvers to operate, stop and make operate the construction dumper. It is right on the dashboard of the Cormidi wheelbarrow that you will find a digital display, a joystick to move in different directions and a power regulator. For smooth and safe passages even in dark or shady conditions, you can also start the warning lights.

In conclusion

A wheelbarrow with platform for the operator designed down to the smallest detail ensures excellent performance and smooth, rapid and totally safe movements. This is why in Cormidi, an Italian company that has been producing tracked minidumpers and skid loaders for thirty years, you will always find dumpers equipped to ensure comfort and efficiency for your team.

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