Stone burier operation: discover its main functions here

September 20, 2023

To prepare the soil for sowing or building a garden, stones and other residues must be buried. The presence of these elements on the surface, in fact, can compromise the final result of the operations, causing a waste of time and money. This is why the stone burier was born, a machine designed ad hoc to bring in depth what is called the “skeleton” of the soil, and thus refine the soil in view of subsequent processing.

What results can be achieved with a machine of this type? Let’s find out together in this article dedicated to the operation of the stone burier.

Stone burier: the best ally for a perfect soil

What is a stone burier and how does it work? It’s a machine (or an accessory to be integrated into a tracked transporter) which has the purpose of preparing the ground for the laying of a turf, for sowing or for construction purposes. The stone burying, also called “burier”, follows 3 work phases: milling, the actual burying and leveling of the ground.


During the milling phase, the burial, by means of a rotary milling system, turns and reduces the size of the clods of the ground. In this way, a remixing of the surface layers is carried out and stones and other elements to be brought into depth are more easily identified. Furthermore, among the advantages of milling there is also the elimination of weeds.

The burial

The burial phase is the one that most characterizes this machine for the maintenance of the green or the preparation of the soil for sowing. During this step, through a sorting grid placed behind the milling rotor, the stone binder recovers the skeleton of the soil: this term refers to the coarser fragments present in the soil, generally characterized by a diameter greater than 2 mm. Among these elements, it is possible to find not only stones and rock residues, but also roots and remains of previous crops and prunings.

Once the skeleton of the ground has been identified, the burying machine conducts it in depth. By doing so, the surface will be free from obstacles that could cause a decrease in soil fertility. Furthermore, the optimal operation of the stone burying guarantees an improvement in the permeability of the soil, which will be characterized by a precise and refined grain size.

Ground leveling

The burying work culminates with leveling. This operation is carried out to make the ground uniform, eliminating depressions, slopes or unevenness, with the aim of obtaining a soil ready for different uses. The leveling of agricultural soil, for example, avoids stagnation of water and simplifies the work of the machines used for transplanting and harvesting. Uniforming the land for construction purposes, on the other hand, makes it possible to prepare the soil for the construction of a swimming pool, a shed, a new garden or a domestic vegetable garden.

What are the essential characteristics of a stone burier?

In order to be a safe and always valid support, it’s essential that the stone burier is innovative not only in the rotary systems, but also in its structure. On the one hand, in fact, the technology it is equipped with allows to improve performance and reduce execution times: essential factors for those who work in the field of green maintenance and agriculture. On the other hand, in order to ensure a high durability over time, the machine must be made with a frame that is resistant to scratches and impacts.

Especially when used for construction purposes, it may happen that the burying machine has to move in confined spaces: in these contexts, it is preferable to choose a compact and easily maneuverable machine.

Finally, opting for the integration of the stone burier accessory on a tracked vehicle can have a double advantage: first of all, the versatility of being able to configure the machine as you wish, according to different needs from time to time; secondly, a tracked vehicle makes it possible to move quickly and safely even in the presence of steep, uneven and uneven terrain.

In conclusion

An effective operation of the stone binder allows you to obtain a well-leveled soil ready to accommodate crops or to be worked for the construction of a garden and much more. Thanks to the innovative features designed specifically for the green, agriculture and floriculture sectors, the burying machine can become the best support for a perfect soil.

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