Soil levelling: when and how to do it?

February 9, 2024

There are many construction projects that need to be built on regular, level ground, free of slopes or unevenness. In order to prevent the problem of unevenness and to ensure that the ground is optimal for the intended use of an area, levelling of agricultural land is applied.

How and when to do it? What equipment is best suited for this type of work? Let’s find out in this article.

When should a plot be levelled?

The levelling of a soil can be done for different final purposes:

– For construction purposes. Whether it is for a house, the installation of a swimming pool, a shed or anything else within the outdoor space of a house such as a garden or a orchard, it is important to operate in the presence of a regular soil that guarantees the safety and stability of the constructions.

– For agricultural purposes. For tilling the soil before or after sowing and harvesting: the soil needs periodic tilling in order to remain healthy; levelling the ground not only avoids waterlogging but also ensures a regularity of transplanting and harvesting which simplifies the work of the machines.

It is important to carry out this type of work without damaging the existing soil structure, so it is best to carry out levelling when the soil is dryer and there is no risk of compacting it. The dryness of the soil ensures safer and faster precision work for the operator.

How to proceed with soil levelling?

By levelling the ground, the surface of the earth is levelled so that it is flat and horizontal, without any kind of irregularity. As we have seen, it can be done for different purposes, but the process is always done in the same way: through the use of the excavator.

Before proceeding with the work of the machine, it is important to prepare the area to be worked on by marking it with points and setting a line that makes the lowest point of the ground visible, so that the same depth is maintained at any point in the area when excavating.

livellamento terreno agricoloOnce these details have been defined, it is possible to proceed with the work of the excavator, which will remove not only the superfluous soil, but also all the elements that could affect the construction work, such as stones or roots.

After removing the superfluous soil and flattening the ground through the passage of the machines, it is possible to slightly move the surface if it is too compacted through the passage of a blade that will offer more breathing space to the ground.

CMF: the multifunctional machine for every need

To meet this and many other demands, Cormidi has developed a range of multifunctional machines that can be adapted to the specific situation. CMF machines have many different fittings and accessories, guaranteeing many useful functions in a single machine. In this way, the machine can be used for a wide range of tasks, including levelling the ground: in particular, to carry out this type of work, the machine is equipped with a bucket.

The Cormidi bucket

It is more accurate to talk about buckets in the plural, precisely because Cormidi provides different models of this element according to the type of task to be performed, adapting the buckets to the required work. All Cormidi buckets are designed to facilitate the work of loading, digging, levelling the ground and much more.

The levelling rake allows levelling and grading in both forward and reverse gears, breaks up and removes clods of earth, and separates debris to be removed from the ground. It also pulverises clods of soil and aerates the ground for sowing and laying sod.

Both the dozer blade, whose flexibility makes it easy to level the ground, and the 4×1 bucket, which allows you to load, level, grip and unload the ground without having to change any parts, are perfectly useful for levelling. The 4×1 bucket can be used not only as a grader, but also as a loading bucket, a handling bucket and a biting bucket.


Levelling agricultural soil is necessary for the well-being of the soil and the plants it contains. This type of work is necessary not only in agriculture, but also in excavations and construction sites, and in public and private gardens. An excavator is the best tool for levelling the soil and removing extra elements such as stones or roots. It not only removes superfluous clods of earth, but also levels the soil in a professional manner.

In order to best respond to this type of need, Cormidi has studied in every detail the CMF multifunctional machines, which can be equipped with different attachments according to the final use. These excavators equipped with a bucket allow optimal, fast and safe levelling of the ground.

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