Soil preparers: the 3 equipment to use for excellent results

September 20, 2023

Before starting any kind of planting, it is necessary to create a suitable environment to accommodate the new crops, whether it is the creation of a vegetable garden or the laying of turf. Soil preparation, then, includes all those activities done to make the field fruitful and fertile for the crops that will be sown there. This requires a range of specific equipment that enables the operator to carry out the various soil workings as quickly and accurately as possible.

What are the soil preparers that you cannot give up if you want to get great soil for any crop? We discuss them in this in-depth discussion.

How to best prepare the ground

Of course, the steps to be taken to prepare the soil will differ depending on what you plan to plant, but there are some basic steps to be taken regardless of the intended crop.

The main activities are:

    • – Remove weeds, rocks and debris that may interfere with plant growth;
    • – Plow or till the soil to loosen it and increase its porosity;
    • – Fertilize to provide plants with the proper nutrients they need for lush growth;
    • – Level the soil to facilitate planting and then irrigate it.

Useful tools for preparing the ground: our top 3

The actions required to prepare the soil and make it suitable for cultivation or the creation of a garden are very different from each other; for this reason, specific equipment is needed to help in carrying out these operations more easily and conveniently. So let’s see what three pieces of equipment are indispensable for preparing the soil quickly and conveniently.

    • – Stone burier

To make the soil suitable for tillage, one of the first things to do is to remove any stones or debris that may restrict the growth of the lawn or sown crops. In doing this, a useful tool is certainly the stone burier, whose main function is to till, that is, to turn over and reduce clods of soil. By doing so, the stones on the surface are pushed deep into the soil, avoiding disturbing the seeding and making the soil much more fertile. In addition to this, tilling also helps when burying and leveling the soil.

    • – Hoe

Consisting of one or more blades that work the soil at a shallow depth, usually up to 20-30 cm, the hoe is usually used to loosen soil, break up larger clods, and remove weeds and roots. Its V-shape also allows it to work in narrow spaces or areas of the ground that are difficult to reach with other tools.

    • – Shredder

For shredding tree branches and hedges, the ideal tool is certainly the mulcher, or shredder. Its many rotating blades shred the material that is fed into the machine, returning a ground free of plant waste or small stones that can get in the way of cultivation. In addition, the material cut by the mulcher, being shredded, becomes much easier to handle and can be used for other purposes, such as producing food for animals or compost for use in agriculture.

Multifunctional wheelbarrows for working with comfort

All of the tools listed so far make it possible to prepare the soil in such a way as to obtain fertile soil that, once sown, will yield fruitful crops. To achieve greater efficiency in agricultural activity, Cormidi specializes in making multifunctional wheelbarrows that with their innovative Quick Attack system allow each implement to be disassembled and changed in five minutes. Switching from one activity to another will no longer be a problem, and preparing the soil will become a much more immediate operation.

In addition, Cormidi wheelbarrows are distinguished by their compact design, which significantly reduces their physical footprint, providing the user with relevant ease of maneuvering and working.

Each Cormidi machine is designed and engineered to improve performance in the agricultural field, increasing the speed of execution of tasks. The robustness and durability of the machines are guaranteed thanks to the attention to high-quality materials used in production, which make them durable and adaptable to different contexts.

In conclusion

In agriculture as well as in landscaping, operations to create soil with fertile and productive soil are crucial, so carefully choosing the best soil preparers makes all the difference. The help of these specific tools can make the work much easier and more efficient, even more so if they can be integrated into the same machine as Cormidi’s power harrows allow.

Cormidi designs innovative machinery that aims to improve agricultural activity by making it much more versatile. If you want to know more about the features of the products in our catalog, contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions!