How to level a pool ground: key tips to follow for a job well done

September 20, 2023

There are many construction companies that are contacted to perform work on the land on which a swimming pool will later be placed. In the city as in the country, in fact, this represents an excellent solution to find some coolness during the torrid summer days.

In order to find out the exact spot where the pool is to be placed and prepare the ground for its installation, it is necessary to follow precise steps and rely on the advanced technology of machines made specifically for ground leveling. How to optimize all these activities, improving business efficiency? What aspects should you pay special attention to? In this article we study how to level a swimming pool ground.

Why level a pool ground?

Mounting a removable pool on uneven ground, characterized by potholes and bumps, is counterproductive for several reasons. The first relates to water pressure, which in the case of a pool placed on unlevel ground will be greater at one end than at another: this can be instrumental in the process of weakening and subsequent failure of the walls of the structure. Spilling chlorine-rich water on the ground will inevitably cause problems for the flora (and fauna) all around.

A sloping ground can also become a danger to swimmers, especially young ones: by creating uneven areas, and thus deeper and shallower areas, children could easily find themselves in dangerous spots. Even in removable pools, which are generally smaller than in-ground pools, it is critical that safety is always put first.

For both of these reasons, it is a good idea to place the pool on an even ground that provides total stability for the structure. To do this, it is necessary to study the best solutions for leveling the ground.

What steps to follow to level a pool ground?

#1 Search for the best place

Before even proceeding with land clearing, it is essential to choose the best area in which to mount the pool. Among the aspects to consider we can find direct exposure to the sun, to make the water heat up faster, and shelter from the wind. It is also best to opt for an area free of trees, which, especially on more airy days, could cause leaves and fruit to fall, fouling the pool and thus forcing those who use the pool to more intensive cleaning and more advanced filters.

#2 Choose the right machine

Leveling the ground can take a few hours or entire days, depending on the equipment you decide to use. If you want to optimize time while ensuring brilliant results and customer satisfaction, opt for a Cormidi Multifunction Dumpers. Specially made with advanced technology and a special Quick Attack system, it will allow you to perform each step of soil levelling to the best of your ability, replacing the supplied attachment from time to time in a quick and fast manner.

#3 Proceed with cleaning the ground

By equipping your Multifunction wheelbarrow with a stone burier you will be able to perform the very first stages of work to the best of your ability, namely those related to cleaning the soil. In fact, it would not make sense to proceed with the leveling of a soil on which there are stones, rocky debris, branches and weeds.With the stone burier it will be possible to carry out the milling and burying of these elements in the soil, with a view to its settlement.

    • – In the article on how a stone burier works, find out in detail what activities you can accomplish with this equipment.

#4 Perform leveling

At a later stage, it will be possible to use the leveling rake to break up clods of soil. The goal is to locate and separate additional debris for removal, as well as pulverize the soil to make it easier to level and manage.

Speaking of leveling, equipping the wheelbarrow with the dozer blade will finally make it possible to finish operations. “Flexibility” is the keyword of this implement, which ensures quick and effective soil leveling even in the most complex work settings.

What about an in-ground pool?

It may happen that work has to be carried out for the construction of an in-ground swimming pool. In this case, in addition to leveling the ground to remove unevenness, construction excavation will be necessary. Once again, the Multifunction wheelbarrow supports you with the right equipment, such as the excavation bucket. Durable and practical, this equipment performs the function of an excavator and allows you to optimize your daily activities by collecting materials on the surface and in depth: they will then be unloaded into the dumper and transported to a designated place.

In conclusion

How to level a ground for a swimming pool efficiently, if not by equipping yourself with the right machines? Multifunction wheelbarrows from Cormidi, an Italian company with decades of experience on its shoulders, are the ideal solution to optimize time and perform work tailored to the individual case: whether you are preparing the ground for an above-ground swimming pool or carrying out construction excavations, they will support you in every step thanks to specific and advanced equipment. In doing so, high performance, durability and operator safety will be a constant guarantee of your work.

Would you like to know in detail the features of Cormidi wheelbarrows and their equipment? Contact our team: they will be happy to explain them to you!