Working the soil: Cormidi solutions in agriculture

September 20, 2023

When it comes to agricultural machinery, most people think mainly about tractors, which, equipped with various attachments, are able to simplify the work of farmers in creating a hospitable environment for plant growth. However, there are also other machines that are smaller and more compact than tractors and do an excellent job: the miniloader. In recent years, this type of machine has seen a boom in popularity, and advances in the miniloader market have led to an exponential increase in sales.

The wide range of attachments available for mini-loaders makes them suitable not only for the agricultural sector, but for many other areas, including landscaping, maintenance, construction, demolition and more. Let’s take a look in detail at what Cormidi offers for working the soil.

Working the soil: why it is important

Preparing the soil for sowing means creating the ideal conditions for optimal plant growth and development. Tillage is essential to improve the physical and chemical state of the soil itself, because:

  • it allows the soil to be loosened, reducing its compactness and giving the roots more room to grow when sowing;
  • it ensures better water filtration, making the soil more permeable and avoiding stagnation;
  • it removes weeds and flattens the surface, levelling it out for uniform, well-done fertilisation.

Tilled soil therefore has a fundamental influence on plant health and today it is possible to till it using machines that simplify the various operations.

Whereas in the past tilling was done manually using rudimentary machinery, today the world of technology has allowed an evolution even in the field of agriculture. Thus miniloaders have been introduced: motorised machines that are versatile, remotely controllable and extremely efficient. What’s more, they can be combined with a wide variety of attachments so that several jobs can be carried out with the same machine.

Characteristics of Cormidi miniloaders

Cormidi produces various types of miniloader, available in different versions according to the machine’s transport capacity: 1600kg, 1500kg, 1200kg and 800kg.

With these machines, it is possible to both level the farmland, using the bucket, and to move it with a level of depth that varies according to the needs of the situation. This versatility of action is guaranteed thanks to the various accessories and tools that can be applied to them; one of these, used in agriculture only recently, is the ripper.

Cutting the soil without mixing: the Ripper tool

The ripper or subsoiler is an implement that allows the vertical cutting of the soil in depth without mixing the various soil layers. This is why it is considered a “discouraging” implement, as it maintains the soil profile.

It is usually composed of a very strong metal frame to which are attached 1, 3 or 5 working parts, formed by large and long metal knives inclined slightly forward.

The soil that has been worked with the ripper looks exactly the same on the outside as it did before being worked.  The enormous advantage can be seen when analysing the fertile layer, i.e. the first 40-60 cm: the soil has been broken up in depth, bringing considerable benefits to the crop to be planted.

lavorazione del terreno

The CMF multifunctional machine and the 85 dumper can be fitted with a ripper thanks to the addition of the ML. It is precisely through the setting of the ML that Cormidi machines can be equipped with a series of accessories, responding to the various needs that arise over time.


Today it is possible to carry out optimal, fast and careful soil cultivation with advanced machines that can also be used in other fields. Not only tractors: with miniloaders you can carry out different types of operations on the soil that needs to be treated.

Cormidi offers miniloaders updated with the latest technological innovations and totally versatile: depending on the accessory fitted, it is possible to perform a specific operation. With the ripper, for example, the soil is dug in depth without being stirred up: the earth is better aerated and the roots benefit, as they do not risk being suffocated by infested plants.

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