Minidumpers for restorers: which models are the most suitable?

June 9, 2022

Anyone involved in the restoration and renovation of historical property must be able to rely on machines with specific characteristics.

Minidumpers for restorers must in fact be able to guarantee various functions and above all an agile passage even in the narrowest spaces or on the roughest terrain. It may happen, for example, that a building in a historic town centre, perhaps in the middle of alleyways, or a convent in the open countryside has to be restored.

To meet the different needs of restorers, Cormidi has designed versatile, agile and compact, yet powerful minidumpers. Here are the 3 models best suited to those involved in restoration and redevelopment.

Minidumpers for restorers: the 3 most suitable models

Cormidi has developed several solutions for those involved in the renovation and restoration of historic buildings.

Here are the 3 models that are most efficient for carrying out restoration work.

CMF multifunctional machine

The CMF multifunctional machine (available with 1600, 1500 or 1200 kg capacity depending on requirements) is one of the most powerful yet extremely manoeuvrable and versatile.

Thanks to the quick-attach system, it is in fact possible to change set-up in just a few minutes and easily even for one person, thus carrying out different jobs as required.

These machines are particularly suitable for transporting material, and because they are very slender and compact, they are also perfect for moving in confined spaces such as the historic centres of Italian cities.

KB aerial platforms

One of the primary needs of restorers is to reach very tall structures: thanks to the aerial platforms designed by Cormidi, it is possible to reach 11, 20 or 23 metres, depending on the height of the building.

The KB platforms can be used not only to enable the operator to reach the highest floors of buildings to be renovated, but also in undercarriage, crane and winch mode. It will be like having several machines in one.

Agile and compact, all Cormidi aerial platforms are versatile and safe for the user.

Minidumper C85

Finally, one of the most versatile, slender and efficient minidumpers for restorers is the C85. Being very compact, it ensures maximum freedom of movement even in narrow and cramped passages, while its tracks also make it suitable for moving over rough terrain in the case of restoring a historic building in the countryside or in the mountains.

Its greatest advantage is definitely its versatility. It can be equipped with lifting skips for moving rubble or other materials, with a demolition hammer, with a cleaning brush or can even be converted into a pallet truck.


Minidumpers for restorers must have very precise characteristics to be truly functional: versatility, agility and compactness are key factors that make a machine suitable or unsuitable for restoration work.

There are many Cormidi machines that are suitable for restoration and redevelopment work, and they all have the possibility of performing different functions depending on the accessories with which they are equipped and the way in which you choose to use them. In addition, they can be equipped with many different accessories on request to meet the needs of every restorer.

If you would like more information on Cormidi minidumpers, please contact our team: we will answer all your questions.