Mixer Bucket: discover all its features and a quality solution

April 22, 2022

The mixer bucket is an indispensable tool for those involved in construction because it allows you to speed up and simplify work on site incredibly.

However, it is necessary to carefully choose the mixer bucket that has the right features and allows you to perform a quality job.

What does a mixer bucket look like and what is it used for?

The mixer bucket is a specially designed tool for creating fresh concrete quickly and easily, whenever you need it. It is therefore an essential piece of machinery on any construction site, which is attached to an operating machine when it is needed.

The mixer bucket has a motor that drives the propellers that mix the material. In addition, there is a front protection grid, a discharge pipe and an electrical connection for attaching the bucket to the machine.

How to use a mixer bucket?

With the mixer bucket, concrete can be produced at any time.

This is how it is done:

    • – The inert materials (gravel, sand, gypsum, etc., depending on the mixture to be obtained) are selected and introduced with the bucket already attached to the mixer. After the solid parts, cement and water are added to bind everything together.
    • – At this point, mixing begins with the movement of the paddles which, with continuous rotation, prevent the heavier parts from settling on the walls.
    • – Thanks to the opening at the bottom of the mixer bucket, the concrete can be poured directly out when needed.

What features should a mixer bucket have?

A quality mixer bucket not only allows you to create concrete at any time, but also optimises the functions and efficiency of the operating machine.

There are therefore a number of features to consider before choosing the model you will use for your work. Here are a few key ones:

    • – Safety: it is important that it is designed to ensure maximum safety for the operator during all phases of the work process.
    • – Robust design: only if it is made of high-quality materials and carefully designed will a mixer bucket be durable and long-lasting. This is something you should not compromise on.
    • – Convenience: Essential to speed up and make the work more efficient is that the mixer bucket has some features that make it easy and practical to use.

Mixer bucket: the Cormidi solution

The mixer bucket that can be integrated with Cormidi machines is a tool that allows concrete to be made quickly and extremely easy for the operator.

It is part of the accessories that can be attached to Cormidi’s CMF multifunctional machines and these are some of its most important features.

    • – Capacity of 100 litres: large enough to carry out a wide variety of jobs on site.
    • – Hose coupling in a safe position, without the need for the operator to stand under the equipment during this operation.
    • – Guide rod attached to the underside of the hose, to direct the mouth of the discharge hose into the working position without the operator having to approach the material discharge area, for greater safety and convenience.
    • – The auger made of wear-resistant HB400 steel and the robust construction of the mixer ensure a long working life without the risk of deterioration.
    • – The powerful gear motor ensures high system performance and maximum operating efficiency.

The mixer bucket can be attached to all CMF Cormidi loaders: 1600 kg, 1500 kg or 1200 kg depending on the needs of the user.


The mixer bucket is indispensable for those who work in the construction sector: this is why it is so important to consider different characteristics in order to choose the right model.

Cormidi’s proposal manages to combine resistance over time thanks to quality materials, practicality and safety in use and a great power, which ensures maximum efficiency during work.

If you want to know more about the mixer bucket that can be integrated on Cormidi multifunctional machines, do not hesitate to contact us: our staff will answer all your questions!