Professional flail crusher: how to choose the best one

September 20, 2023

The flail crusher is a professional machine also known as a shredder or simply a mulcher. It is a tool used mostly in agriculture, but not only. Powerful and reliable, it is indispensable for meeting the needs of farmers and landscaping professionals quickly and in the most demanding situations.

In this article we’ll find out everything you need to know about professional crusher and give you some advice on making the best purchase.

What is a flail crusher used for?

A flail crusher is a piece of machinery that basically does the job of a lawnmower, but with a real difference that makes it a professional tool. Professional flail crusher work not only on lawns, but also in woodlands and wilder, more neglected areas where shrubs, brambles and undergrowth can be found.

It is therefore a powerful machine that can easily cut not only grass but also brambles, fallen branches, reeds, brushwood and small shrubs of all kinds. It can also be used to shred green manure crops that are then buried in the ground.

When to rely on a professional flail crusher?

Professional flail crusher are indispensable for a wide range of jobs, particularly in the agricultural sector.

Here are some situations in which having a professional crusher will make your work much easier, faster and more effective.

    • – Reclaiming neglected or abandoned green or wooded areas.
    • – Treating uncultivated lawns, where the grass is very high and small shrubs and shoots have formed.
    • – Thoroughly clean soils, orchards and vineyards.
    • – Shred the residues of previous work to leave the agricultural field clean and ready for the next steps.

Is a flail crusher better than a brushcutter?

You’re probably thinking that a professional flail crusher is similar to a brushcutter with blades, which is true in terms of cleanliness and functionality, but not in terms of efficiency.

The flail crusher can cover much larger areas in less time, allowing you to do the same job faster and with better results. This is because the flail crusher has much greater cutting unit power and working width.

Professional flail crusher: how to choose the best one?

Having a professional flail crsher is essential for a large number of jobs, but how do you find the right machine?

Here are the factors to consider before making your purchase.

    • – Cutting width: the wider it is, the more types of shrubs you can cut.
    • – Versatility, as the crusher can be used with different types of tools.
    • – Practicality of use and transport, allowing you to use it easily in a wide range of situations, even the most difficult ones.
    • – Quality materials, otherwise you risk having to replace it after a short time.
    • – Safety, as this is a device that can become very dangerous. It is important that it is robust, solid and designed for the safety of the operator.

The Cormidi proposal

To meet the needs of customers requiring a professional soil cleaning tool, Cormidi has developed the flail crusher attachment that is easily attached to multifunctional machines. This offers maximum versatility, while relying on a robust, powerful and structured machine.

The Cormidi flail crusher is a robust flail crusher with a reinforced frame to last a long time without damage, and has a bevelled shape that makes it even more efficient.

It can be supplemented with a range of tools that allow it to be adapted to work on both grass and prunings (up to a diameter of 3-4 cm). In addition, it can be used without any problems even in the most difficult conditions, without any risk to the operator.


Flail crusher are versatile and functional machines for both agricultural and landscaping applications. However, there are many different types of flail crusher and it is important to carefully evaluate the characteristics before choosing which model to buy.

If you would like to know more about professional crusher designed by Cormidi, contact our team. We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need about this useful and powerful piece of machinery.