Vineyard rotary harrow: how to equip a wheelbarrow

September 20, 2023

In the viticulture sector, preparing the soil for planting is a key part of achieving a lush harvest. To make this stage of work efficient and precise, it is important to equip oneself with the right equipment: the rotary harrow for vineyard was created precisely to make a soil suitable to host the new crop that will be able to develop properly and guarantee excellent yields.

How does this tool work and how to use it equipped with your power harrow? Find out below with the most important information about the power harrow.

What are the functions of a vineyard power harrow?

The vineyard power harrow is an agricultural implement that can be carried by a tractor machine or equipped on a wheelbarrow. Its main function concerns the refinement of the field in preparation for planting: the harrow, in fact, is responsible for breaking up and leveling the soil. In this way, it succeeds in eliminating bumps and making the surface flat and even, ideal for allowing better passage of air: this is one of the essential aspects for increasing soil fertility.

How does a power harrow work?

The mechanism is quite simple: a series of counter-rotating knife rotors takes care of breaking up the larger clods of soil. This is an important work not only to ensure a hospitable environment for the vine, but also to nullify the risk of soil compaction: this phenomenon causes a progressive loss of porosity and less passage to the subsoil of nutrients, which are essential for plant development. By incorporating organic fertilizer into the tool during its operation, it will be possible to improve the health of the soil where the vines will grow.

What characteristics should a vineyard rotary harrow have?

Compact design

The winemaker is often faced with steep and impervious terrain. In such situations, it is necessary to equip oneself with a rotary harrow with small dimensions: in this way, the machine will ensure smooth movements in all conditions, as well as excellent maneuverability that is ideal for efficient soil refinement operations. Moreover, by the time the vineyard has already grown, the machine will be able to move smoothly between the rows, decreasing the risk of damaging the plants.


The use of the highest quality materials results in a longer lifespan for the attachment, which will not have to be replaced periodically. In fact, a sturdy structure can easily cope not only with normal soils, but also with treacherous terrain, brushwood and even stones. In this way, scratches and bumps will no longer be a problem.

Attention to performance

Agriculture and viticulture require ever-increasing efficiency that enables increased productivity at lower costs. The rotary harrow for vineyards must be made with precisely this goal in mind: a mighty structure is combined with an innovative, even more powerful rotary system to meet even the most stringent demands. In doing so, field performance improves and yield is even greater.

Why choose equipment on wheelbarrow?

When choosing a vineyard power harrow, it is also essential to consider the versatility of the product. Equipping the implement on a power harrow serves this very purpose. Cormidi, an Italian company operating in the field of earthmoving, designs wheelbarrows that can be equipped with different tools, depending on the type of activity required at the individual moment.

Not only power harrow, but also professional flail cruscher, snow ploughs for winter, stump trimmers, pincers for loading wood and much more: thanks to a fast and safe Quick Attack system, it is possible to upgrade the function of the power wheelbarrow in just a few minutes, coping with each task in the best possible way. That way, whether it’s tilling soil or moving and removing mud you’ll be sure to have the best possible support by your side.

Combining typical Made in Italy ingenuity with top-quality materials, Cormidi has created three different types of rotary harrows for vineyards, suitable for a variety of needs. You can then choose from:

    • – Harrow without roller;
    • – Harrow with cage roller, perfect for soils characterized by not too wet conditions;
    • – Harrow with expanded metal roller, which is even more accurate when leveling the soil.

The three types of rotary harrow for vineyards can be mounted on different types of motor wheelbarrows and dumpers, which can be selected according to the desired power and capacity.

In conclusion

A dumper-mounted vineyard rotary harrow ensures durability, brilliant performance and excellent versatility. With these features, the soil will always be fertile and ready to accommodate and grow the crop, achieving the best results in both productivity and final harvest.

For more than fifty years, Cormidi has been at the side of farmers and winegrowers to always equip them with innovative power harrows that can be customized to suit individual needs. Would you like to know in detail the features of the available accessories? Contact our team: we will be happy to guide you to the best solutions for viticulture.